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  1. Perhaps this article has the answer.... file:///C:/Users/admin/Downloads/GoAutoNews_959.pdf
  2. You will never know if you don't go. Put it to the dealership and see what you get ! Never be embarrassed to ask for what you believe is the right thing.


    I would not be expecting any problems with E10. But experience shows you achieve less kilometres per litre (higher fuel use) and slight less response (power) from the engine.
  4. LED lighting uses very, very little energy (voltage) you will see the brake light in the spoiler has very thin wires. My aftermarket rear spoiler was wired in by my local Toyota dealer. Here in Victoria it is illegal to have both the rear window stop light and the rear spoiler operational at the same time. From the rear back shelf stop lights, the cable was detached and then the spoiler wiring was connected to that. So in fact the LED applies less drain to the brake light circuit than original set up. From which exact area they performed the disconnect and re routing from I am not sure, possibly passenger side above wheel well near seat back.
  5. Just curious... I thought only USA Corollas had 5x100 pcd wheels and our local Corolla cars have 5x114.3 pcd. All Toyota 86/BRZ have 5x100 pcd. Perhaps there is a difference in the next Corolla yet to be released ? There is also a difference in the centre bearing (spiggot) size. So will 86/BRZ wheels fit to our Corollas ? ?
  6. Just do a "how to" search on Google. I did and found these. There is lots more information out there . www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kQLMP9AYGs www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Ke7isTL9BQ
  7. Here you go ...... Description of defect: Metal debris may have been generated from factory machining operations as part of the manufacturing of the engine crankshaft which may not have been completely removed from the crankshaft’s oil passages during the cleaning process. In addition, the machining processes of the crankpins caused an uneven surface roughness. As a result, the metal debris and uneven surface roughness can restrict oil flow to the bearings, thereby increasing bearing temperatures causing premature bearing wear. A worn connecting rod bearing will produce a cyclic knocking noise from the engine and may also result in the illumination of the engine warning lamp and/or oilpressure lamp in the instrument panel. If the warnings are ignored and the vehicle is continued to be driven, the bearing may fail and the vehicle could stall while in motion. Description of safety risk: An engine stall at higher speeds can increase the risk of a crash Identification of any warning that can occur: Illumination of the engine warning lamp and / or oil pressure warning lamp and / or knocking noise from engine.
  8. I read this post some time ago explaing the probable cause for engine failure. It explains why the engines fail. http://www.kia-forums.com/1664986-post7.html
  9. Later camry engines do not use a spin on oil filter but the filter element is located inside a housing attached to the engine. a speciality tool is best used to remove / replace the element housing cap.
  10. G'Day Rhys, I am no wiser to these rims than you. Cannot find any reference for early 1970 truck wheels. I did find the wikipedia notes on the link below. Is it safe to asume they rims are 16" ? I remember here in OZ many milk vendors had the 30 cwt Stout trucks. Once new a fellow who drove a Lite Stout. Possibly look at early Hino (Japan) rims as toyota took them over ? Is there a rim doctor nearby to repair your existing rims ? Just throwing in ideas with thoughts from outside your circle. Replacing your tyes should not be an issue, but I asume again your rims are buckled / damaged in some way ? What size are the tyres ? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toyota_Stout
  11. No I agree, not suggesting kits. Research to use professionals who fit 3M paint / body protection film.
  12. One of my SL's is the same Silver Pearl colour. I live in regional Victoria and have bonnet & headlight protectors. Always bugs , muck & stones coming at you. May I suggest to you research having 3M protection film added to the front of your car. I should have done it to mine from new. The protectors help but it is always a chore to get the country bugs, dirt ect. out from behind them. I have seen several cars with the 3M film fitted and it is almost undetectable to the eye. Doesn't effect our paint and is removable. So the whole nose / front of the car is protected.
  13. Are you overlooking the obvious, perhaps a purse / wallet / phone / laptop / jacket or package on the seat will activate the warning. The sensors in my later SL (2016) are much more sensitive than in my 2014 SL . When seated in the 2016 my 7kg doggy has to have the seat belt clipped in to cancel the seat belt warning but not so in the 2014.
  14. Yes odd none to show, but I have had to travel 4 hours to Melbourne to purchase my 2 current SL's. it is a reasonable sized dealership full of corollas, many of the commercial range and suv's. They say there will be a new Camry here 1st of March to peek at. It would be great to select packages ect. to customise our own personal vehicle.
  15. Would love to see the new Camry with any colour trim ! I wish ! My local dealer still has not any of the newly released models to look at. No not one new Camry to see here. Gone are the days when we could option our new car to our personal taste. i.e. colour of interior trim ect. now it is only different preset grades of any models with no possibility of customising to your own taste.