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  1. The PCD is the same as Falcon however the bore size is different . Toyota has 60.1mm and Ford has 73.1mm. Therefore you would need to run with concentric spigot / hub rings to reduce Falcon 73.1mm down to Toyota 60.1mm. I would suggest using steel or alloy but avoid plastic / nylon. Never fit and drive your car without using the spacer rings. Dangerous and unsafe !
  2. The PCD or stud pattern is 114.3. The 1.5 is the thread metric pitch. Offset / ET will be 45. The tyre size you choose will be most important to having adequate clearance in the wheel well to avoid suspension & guard contact If you have an 2019 ASV70 Accent Sport your original wheels should be running. 215/55R17 7.5Jx17 ET45 5x114.3 M12 x 1.5 60.1 The 2019 ASV Camry SL runs 235/45ZR18 8Jx18 ET50 5x114.3 M12 x 1.5 60.1 You will notice the offset /ET changes to centre the wheel / tyre in the wheel well for clearance.
  3. Maybe this appeals to you. I used a Rostra system on my 1994 Toyota Soarer. Good quality not cheap. find at http://www.rostra.com/search.php
  4. Welcome Mel, Hope you find as many interesting articles here as I do
  5. G'day Mate, and welcome. Tell us more about your Crown.
  6. Obviously different calipers were used during production. There is clearly a big difference in the size & shape of the pads which will reflect in the caliper shape & size. If you are still unsure just by looking, check your local auto parts store has both in stock and as suggested take a sample along on the day you are doing the job to match it up to purchase the correct pads.
  7. I was most fortunate to have paid only $400 for all four new wheels. In December 2017 a Queensland dealership was having a showroom clear out and they never put a reserve price on the rims. No one else bid so I won 4 genuine Toyota SX rims, in boxes with the centre caps, delivered to me for only $400 ! Some days you can have a win. I never had them fitted with new tyres and installed until early this year.
  8. I recently put these Camry 2017 SX rims on my 2014 SL. 18" running 225/45/18.
  9. They will fit. Do yourself a favour and get the tyre placard from the Aurion at the Toyota man ($5). Place it near the existing tyre placard in the door opening. Aurion 225/45R18 tyres 7.5Jx18 ET45 rim 5x114.3 pcd M12 x 1.5 thread 60.1 centre opening Camry if you have 17" rims/tyres 215/55R17 tyres 7Jx17 ET50 rim 5x114.3 pcd M12 x 1.5 thread 60.1 centre opening
  10. Hi, I have recently purchased 8 new tyres for my 2 Camry SL's. 2014 Camry had 65,000 kms on original Bridgestone Turanza ER33's the other Camry, 2016 had 59,000 kms also on OE ER33,s. As usual I opted for my favourite tyres Hankook Optimó K415. Always quiet relaxed ride on wet & dry roads, excellent holding on wet greasy roads. Excellent road holding/ grip in most circumstances. Both cars do interstate & intrastate travelling on various surfaces. NO tyre is quiet on bold chip bitumen. We have been using Hankook Optimo's since 1998 as replacement tyres on our private and business vehicles with no complaints re mileage/wear or performance. Past experience has given us a minimum of 60,000 kms from the K415 Optimos. However I would still recommend the Bridgestone ER33. I refuse to drive with noisy tyres, they drive me crazy, also secure performance in the wet is an absolute must have.
  11. Perhaps this article has the answer.... file:///C:/Users/admin/Downloads/GoAutoNews_959.pdf
  12. You will never know if you don't go. Put it to the dealership and see what you get ! Never be embarrassed to ask for what you believe is the right thing.


    I would not be expecting any problems with E10. But experience shows you achieve less kilometres per litre (higher fuel use) and slight less response (power) from the engine.
  14. LED lighting uses very, very little energy (voltage) you will see the brake light in the spoiler has very thin wires. My aftermarket rear spoiler was wired in by my local Toyota dealer. Here in Victoria it is illegal to have both the rear window stop light and the rear spoiler operational at the same time. From the rear back shelf stop lights, the cable was detached and then the spoiler wiring was connected to that. So in fact the LED applies less drain to the brake light circuit than original set up. From which exact area they performed the disconnect and re routing from I am not sure, possibly passenger side above wheel well near seat back.
  15. Just curious... I thought only USA Corollas had 5x100 pcd wheels and our local Corolla cars have 5x114.3 pcd. All Toyota 86/BRZ have 5x100 pcd. Perhaps there is a difference in the next Corolla yet to be released ? There is also a difference in the centre bearing (spiggot) size. So will 86/BRZ wheels fit to our Corollas ? ?