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  1. 70 Series SX Red Leather.

    Yes odd none to show, but I have had to travel 4 hours to Melbourne to purchase my 2 current SL's. it is a reasonable sized dealership full of corollas, many of the commercial range and suv's. They say there will be a new Camry here 1st of March to peek at. It would be great to select packages ect. to customise our own personal vehicle.
  2. 70 Series SX Red Leather.

    Would love to see the new Camry with any colour trim ! I wish ! My local dealer still has not any of the newly released models to look at. No not one new Camry to see here. Gone are the days when we could option our new car to our personal taste. i.e. colour of interior trim ect. now it is only different preset grades of any models with no possibility of customising to your own taste.
  3. Petrol

    Another interesting article....by John Cadogan https://autoexpert.com.au/posts/do-i-really-need-to-use-premium-unleaded-in-my-car
  4. NEED HELP(NO Cabin air filter)

    Even an antibactericide like Glen 20 will help
  5. What made you buy a Camry?

    I started with a 1997 wide body Camry & have had them ever since. In 1998 added a new Honda Odyssey to move grandkids about, only sold it 3 months ago with nearly 500,00kms. Camry is exellent value, inexpensive service (capped price on my 2 newer ones), also insurance is always good pricing. Totally reliable no issues over 20 years of owning several camry models.
  6. Petrol

    These days I always fill with 95 or 98 octane in both my Atara SL's. We live in regional Victoria often making long trips (2 or 4 hours each way) I agree the cars do feel more responsive and yes have tried standard fuel at times but I do get better km's to the litre & performance from higher octane fuel. There once was 100 octane available from a United fuel station in Bendigo and that was really hipo ! I often filled with 100 octane going 950km's to Sydney, My cars loved it. They no longer sell it due to poor sales.
  7. XV70

    I could not see the link in the same place. i hope these copies of the specs are readable
  8. XV70

    I found the full model specs in toyota,com.au. Each time I view the new Camry details, Toyota has made changes to many details & pictures. I did print out the 3 pages of all models specs to compare them & it clearly shows SX only with sports suspension & no option to other models. Perhaps the motoring reviewers were told a different story at the release or the specs are inaccurate.
  9. XV70

    if you peek in the specs only the SX has sports suspension as standard fitment and not optional for SL. I am disappointed the red leather seats are not optional in my choice of the SL grade.
  10. Front LED Bar

    To ensure your car continues to be legally roadworthy the additional LED or any driving lights must be wired via high beam circuit. You can have them operate from an idependant switch but they must only be operational when high beam is selected. I believe this wiring system is applicable nationwide. The light/s must only come on when the main-beam (high beam) headlights are used, and must automatically turn off when the main-beam headlights are turned off. The driving lights may be fitted with an isolator switch to allow high beam to be switched on without the driving lights also being switched on. See below Vicroads note for advice.... the lamp/s must only come on when the main-beam (high beam) headlamps are used, and must automatically turn off when the main-beam headlamps are turned off
  11. 95 vienta new headunit wiring

    The price of a new ISO connector shows as only $12. Wow you must have purchased a real bargain with your head unit being 3 time less than $12 ! Seriously you must be confused about the purchase price of the ISO or your head unit.
  12. Emergence of the barn find

    Have you attempted to back off the brake shoes via the adjusting slot on the backing plate ?
  13. Newbie asking about 2005 Camry Altise Alternators

    New Town Toyota are selling new genuine alternators for $235. check with them to ensure those units will fit. I would think an auto electrician would have non genuine alternators cheaper than $235. How about a good 2nd hand unit from a motor recycler (wreckers) ?
  14. 1995 Camry hitch receiver

    Regardless of the style (tongue or hitch) Hayman Reece list 2 totally different part numbers for sedan & wagon. And remember the series will also make a difference. My parts interpreter experience says no the wagon bar will not fit the sedan.
  15. LED Spot Lights

    Great job ! Very clear presentation of the mounting position, wiring and results showing improved lighting. Thank you for inspiring me.