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  1. If its part of the socket, it definitely doesn't belong on the plug when you replace them.
  2. Not seen these before. Are they present on each plug? Perhaps contact these guys to get some information on the ignition system
  3. Sometimes it is unavoidable. But keep doing all you can before you take it to a professional. Cheers
  4. Maybe its time for a new clutch along with a full service i.e. Fluid change and a cleanup of the throttle body. Also give the maf sensor a clean.
  5. Its the same everywhere. You got it right, just a nice everyday driver. Its hard to get feedback on parts because everyone does things differently, so when your thread came up in the search I knew I had to post and ask for feedback regarding the lower control arms. Im trying to correct an out of spec rear suspension. Any experience with something like that? Cheers
  6. Hey mate, this is getting done into a mint ride. Have you had any previous experience with whiteline/nolathane lower control arms or would you recommend superpro bushes? Thanks
  7. I have attached a pic of my last alignment report. If anyone can help me understand the stuff in red and also ways to remedy it, it would be greatly appreciated.
  8. If I end up getting it done at a professional mechanic, yes I will go with superpro. But for a DIY Nolathane/whiteline seem like a very good option. Not to mention even the time saving when being done by a professional.
  9. I was looking for someone who had a bit more insight about Nolathane products. My regular mechanic thinks they are crap compared to Superpro. If only Superpro made lower control arms for my Corolla.
  10. I have new stuff in the works for the old workhorse. I would appreciate some help from people who have installed lowered springs. I have ordered a set of lowered springs and matched shocks and wanted to know if I would need to take some meat off my standard bump stops to work with the lowered springs 35mm lower than standard all around. Also has anyone tried Nolathane/Whiteline lower control arms. They seem to be the only ones who make pre assembled control arms with poly bushes.
  11. Hello good people of the forum. Its been a while since I updated my ownership diary. The car has crossed 200000kms and still going strong. Had to get the drive shaft seals replaced due to the previous owners botched repairs with some non genuine seals. Posting part numbers in the pics to help others out. The Firestones have served me well but have been a noisy set so have bid goodbye to them for some Michelin XM2+ in the stock standard 195/60R15. Would like some deedback regarding ignition coils, are denso aftermarket coils good? Has anyone tried using coils from newer corolls(ZRE152 etc) in the ZZE122? Thanks in advance.
  12. Maybe someone who lives around a hilly area would benefit from these rotors. Takumi Fujiwara in the house? Thanks for helping me understand the rotors better. Cheers
  13. It was to do with the latter part of your statement. It is your assumption that I am not accepting that rotors alone will give me better braking. You aren't open to the fact that the street series are meant for the street and any benefit should be felt on the street. Not just after tracking them. Maybe change the tree you are barking upon. The chat with the DBA guy helped me understand what i can expect from these rotors and I will try to test them accordingly. Now that I have purchased them I have to live with them. The price vs performance of these rotors points to the fact that its not worth it. I have given the feedback about the rust and they promised to get back to me with a solution. They were just as surprised with the rust appearing within a week of usage.