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  1. Hello good people of the forum. Its been a while since I updated my ownership diary. The car has crossed 200000kms and still going strong. Had to get the drive shaft seals replaced due to the previous owners botched repairs with some non genuine seals. Posting part numbers in the pics to help others out. The Firestones have served me well but have been a noisy set so have bid goodbye to them for some Michelin XM2+ in the stock standard 195/60R15. Would like some deedback regarding ignition coils, are denso aftermarket coils good? Has anyone tried using coils from newer corolls(ZRE152 etc) in the ZZE122? Thanks in advance.
  2. Maybe someone who lives around a hilly area would benefit from these rotors. Takumi Fujiwara in the house? Thanks for helping me understand the rotors better. Cheers
  3. It was to do with the latter part of your statement. It is your assumption that I am not accepting that rotors alone will give me better braking. You aren't open to the fact that the street series are meant for the street and any benefit should be felt on the street. Not just after tracking them. Maybe change the tree you are barking upon. The chat with the DBA guy helped me understand what i can expect from these rotors and I will try to test them accordingly. Now that I have purchased them I have to live with them. The price vs performance of these rotors points to the fact that its not worth it. I have given the feedback about the rust and they promised to get back to me with a solution. They were just as surprised with the rust appearing within a week of usage.
  4. I had a conversation with DBA and the guy from their technical department confirmed that these are slotted street rotors not meant from track use. They aren't made with track in mind. He also mentioned that the benefits under normal driving would be around 10% compared to OEM. He did say the slotted rotors come into their own during rains. He mentioned the 4000 and 5000 series being the ones catering to track use. He also said you can track the T2 rotors but that's not what they are designed for. They are are just street rotors with slots. Makes you think as the OEM ones cost half the price. (Feedback not barking) I request you to read the last 2 lines again. I cannot just afford to change perfectly new brake pads without knowing if the next set will indeed provide benefits for my usage. Same with the calipers. I am sharing my feedback and not barking, you need to accept this.
  5. These were designed to provide better performance in street use that's why they are in the street series. Its misleading that the benefits can only be felt if these are tracked. DBA doesn't mention these as suitable for Motorsport. Now you tell me who do I believe, you or the manufacturer. Cause one of you is lying. Will surely experiment with different pads as I go.
  6. I understand how these rotors are designed to work and I am sharing my feedback that under normal driving these do not provide any benefits. If these are meant for track why are they being marketed in the street series by DBA? The reason why I went with these was to provide myself with a better braking experience. Which has sadly not happened. The salt on those wounds, if you may is the lack of any protective coating from factory. I might have been a bit more dramatic than I would've liked to be, but hey I am the one who spent the $ to buy them. So your opinion on my complaints are void. When it comes to safety I wanted to buy the best set of rotors I could afford and hence went with DBA from the choices we had discussed because they seemed to have the best quality product. Like I said earlier, I will let it complete the proper run in as per DBA website and try to cycle them like track use to see if they resist fade. I was not looking to becoming a braking GOD after getting these rotors just improved braking. I guess my feedback is bursting a lot of placebo bubbles.
  7. The OEM ones have a very lazy feel. I was hoping with the new pads and rotors I'd get good better braking response which unfortunately didnt happen. Tried driving around the usual bends faster(within legal limits) and couldn't find any improvements. I had a look at the discs again and it was just pad marks and not grooves/ridges. Phew
  8. The main area of disappointment the DBA don't offer any improvement over stock in daily driving. In saying that I have only driven approximately 200kms so far. The little surface rust is causing ridging on the braking surfaces.
  9. The hats were painted but looks like like the rotor material the paint was crap quality too. Better to buy cheaper ones and paint them yourself. Not impressed
  10. I expected some kind of treatment on the DBA ones. I WS under the impression that they would be a higher carbon content iron cast. The paint overspray came off with brake cleaner. All in all not impressed by the DBA rotors. Any solution for the grooves not being cleaned by the pads?
  11. After a week of usage, the DBA rotors have surface rust already.(shocking in terms of the price paid) The RDA rotors are rust free.
  12. Sorry for the bad lighting. It got dark by the time I was done. Braking is on point now. Will see how it goes once all components are bed in.
  13. After much deliberation I went with RDA rears and DBA fronts. RDA rears are solid discs and the DBA fronts are slotted. Will be testing them out with Toyota Original pads, front and rear. Now to get them fitted to the car.
  14. Anyone here using DBA T2 rotors. Please post some pics of what they look like after being used.
  15. I was just being lazy with the brake measurements. I was told by a retailer that DBA and RDA along with few others were made in Asia as opposed to locally. Not much choice there. I had a look at both Jap and Sth African ones. Jap-255mm and Sth African-258mm I always thought the rear brakes were smaller than the front ones but the Corolla has 269mm rear and 255mm fronts. The fronts being vented and the rears being solid.