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  1. Sold!!!!!!!

  2. Sold Sold Sold

    Sold Sold Sold
  3. [QLD-BNE] ZRE152 - a wild daily appears

    Guys/Gals I'm looking at moving this on now - so if you're interested PM me for details please :)
  4. back from dead - but I had this issue on mine too. Qs. with the new gasket, it has one side that is meant to stick on and other side is as is. Do you put the sticky side towards the light housing ? in the picture below, this side is the sticky one - do rest that bit on the light housing then fit the light? or is the sticky bit meant to go on the body?
  5. [QLD-BNE] ZRE152 - a wild daily appears

    JB had a sale going on - I missed out on a few good things (headphones, memory card) but got this asap - $298 delivered, good enough for the daily =) New tires and then that's this one done (for now ..)
  6. [QLD-BNE] ZRE152 - a wild daily appears

    Guys/Gals - any one aware of a place/person in Brisbane who I could take my headlights to? I want the lens polished/cleaned up inside out and sealed well. Thanks in advance.
  7. Sold Sold Sold

    sorry Hiro nope.
  8. [QLD-BNE] ZRE152 - a wild daily appears

    Bits are INN Needs a wipe down I know, had a K&N panel filter fitted too. New shift boot + knob - a set of Hertz components + sound deadening in 2 weeks. The squad chilling
  9. Carwash Etiquette - input welcome

    first mistake, being @ a car wash lol :p ... Touchless or not - just impure not washing your own car (massive OCD tendency lol)
  10. [QLD-BNE] ZRE152 - a wild daily appears

    Thanks man!! ^^ that helps a lot :)
  11. [QLD-BNE] ZRE152 - a wild daily appears

    Gotta powder coat these black (not the springs though) Am I right in assuming the wipers, the cowling all has to come off to get the strut brace in there? Notice the tail lights? Enhance left: Enhance right: lol I don't even..