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  1. Dumb question, but would the lights be plug n play for an 02 model?
  2. Hi guys, I wasn't actually sure how alive the forums are given FB groups, Discord, Whatsapp, Bloods vs Crips, COVID19 and so forth but nice to see there is still some action around here. I've recently got back into another Corolla, just can't seem to shake them off man - 10th Corolla since 2006. 96' AE102 sedan 91' AE101 20v 91' AE101 4AGZE 90' AE90 sedan 92' AE92 GTi hatch 92' AE92 hatch 93' AE92 hatch 96' AE102rv hatch 05 Corolla Levin ZRE 96' AE102rv hatch 02' Corolla Levin So potentially not in the right forum and might need to get some help? lol - not to drag on but I just find myself enjoying the car that much more and I've had 1js, 2js but I keep coming back to the nugget chassis and I'm convinced outright power is not at all directly proportional to the fun that can be had, all in the chassis, the actual power you can use and chucking it around xD. Doesn't help these days when a few clicks on Marketplace, Gumtree and bam you find something, I kept missing out I felt.. Wasn't fussed on the Sportivos (no offense), they seem to be fairly run down examples, but the Levins, mmmhmm gimme that Japanese goodness (thanks COVID for ruining my recently planned Tokyo trip..) This popped up on FB Marketplace, messaged within 10 mins of seeing the ad live, organised to meet up that evening, I wasn't too fussy if I'm honest, I needed something to scratch the itch, 292k kms, servicing history until 209k and then intermittent, but it's still going, just needs TLC. Sold/10 ++ Part of the reason I always come back is a good support network which I've always seemed to only find within Toyota owners - so wasn't long before I had a good mate offer assistance with a couple of things: 'yes it's maintained' New set of plugs, engine oil flush and fresh new oil in it, no more tabla like idle and sounds much more better, pulls just fine - are we done? no sir. Removed crusty valve cover to get redone, no sludge is good but a few engine flushes and oil changes necessary. As it sits waiting for bits Anywhere I can stick a vacuum into the car, wiper cowling section getting repainted, wiper arms powder coated and new wipers enroute. This ****, ****s me off betterer and done all round. Tidy up in the back too Gotta collect it from another good mate: You don't come to my place with your Corolla and not get SOME form of clean up done 😛 This was my last AE102, sold to a good mate, love it still. so a couple of things on their way. - Whiteline control arms set, Whiteline strutbrace, the speedometer plastic cover or lens as per the Toyodiy diagram (don't nobody got time for scratched up ****..), a few gaskets from UAE - I was considering coil overs, but will do the tried and tested KYB Excel Gs + King lows (or mabe Lovels?) - plan is to eventually boost it but have fun along the way. Thanks for reading.
  4. Sold Sold Sold
  5. Guys/Gals I'm looking at moving this on now - so if you're interested PM me for details please :)
  6. back from dead - but I had this issue on mine too. Qs. with the new gasket, it has one side that is meant to stick on and other side is as is. Do you put the sticky side towards the light housing ? in the picture below, this side is the sticky one - do rest that bit on the light housing then fit the light? or is the sticky bit meant to go on the body?
  7. JB had a sale going on - I missed out on a few good things (headphones, memory card) but got this asap - $298 delivered, good enough for the daily =) New tires and then that's this one done (for now ..)
  8. Guys/Gals - any one aware of a place/person in Brisbane who I could take my headlights to? I want the lens polished/cleaned up inside out and sealed well. Thanks in advance.
  9. Bits are INN Needs a wipe down I know, had a K&N panel filter fitted too. New shift boot + knob - a set of Hertz components + sound deadening in 2 weeks. The squad chilling