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  1. Hi I picked up an 2000 ACR30R Tarago, it has a good service history but 450,000 elm on the clock. Only real issue seems to be the auto box, P, N, and all forward gears work fine, but when placing the sector in R, it does not seem to engage. Any thoughts ?? Cheers.
  2. Hello My wife and I are in the next Sh!tbox Rally, a major fundraiser for the Cancer Council. We have a Celica lined up, but thought a Tarago would give us room to sleep in and set up with side awning etc. So today picked up a 91 model with a casual 300,000 ks on it. You can see what we are doing at Rally Website link and our fb page at We would love some support from the Tarago community. We need to get a set of roof racks for a 91 model. After something either donation or cheap. We also picked up a bull bar and tow bar for it. Would love some assistance from anyone in Brisbane on fitting these. Any assistance would be welcome we getting the beast ready for the rally!! Cheers, Steve
  3. Hi Thanks for the tip, I have registered a few days ago and still waiting for an admin to confirm me. Cheers Steve
  4. Hi We have just purchased a St184 to use in the 2017 Sh!tbox rally, a major fundraiser for the Cancer Council. The rally is not a race rather a challenge to achieve the unthinkable, to drive cars worth $1,000 across Australia via some of its most arduous roads, all in the name of charity. In 2017 we will be travelling over 3,800km from Adelaide, South Australia to Cairns in North Queensland. The trip will see participants face the challenge of highly variable terrain, remote outback roads and changing climates. The route will take us via both the Oondatta Track and the Plenty Highway and is sure to be a truly memorable experience for all involved. Last year we did the rally in a Fairlane but felt it was a bit easy so this year we are doing it in a beaten up 92 ST184 we got for $400 of eBay. Will it make it? what will we do to it? What will our theme be?? All will be revealed over time. We have to keep the car budget under $1000 excluding work we do ourselves so if any local mechanical skilled people in Brisbane want to help out, please give us a shout out.. To keep track or to support via a donation to the cancer council, here is our Facebook link Cheers Steve
  5. Hi New to the forums and new to the Celica St184 club. We have purchased a pretty rough car for use the 2017 Sh!tbox rally. Have a look at this for more info. We picked up the car for $400 and will need to do a bit of work to get it ready for the rally. Anyone know of a workshop manual in PDF form I can download? Hoping to draw on your collective wisdom to get the car to the start line, then to the finish line some 3800klms later. Cheers Steve