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  1. jayrome


    check out www.gsmarena.com for full phone reviews and comparisons.
  2. that sux to hear about all you guys with car damage I was lucky that I only got a free wash and pressure clean from the rain and wind but no hail. Would suck if I had coz i've only had the car back a month and it's not insured :S
  3. In my 2007 camry sportivo on average when I fill up between 54 - 58 litres I get about 640kms to the tank, between 8.0 - 9.0 L/100. The last tank i filled up 58 litres and got 720kms cause we went down south, 5.8L/100!! the last half of the tank was peak driving too and stayed around 7.3 L/100 the last couple of hundred k's
  4. and1 - hey i thought I saw your car there once when i went down there. Car was off the road since july 2008 so it's nice to finally have it back! LEGEND888 - thanks :) will try come down to the next meet so you can see what the big fuss is about :P GTL05T - Yeah thanks man it made stripping the engine bay a bit quicker when the mrs helped out but unfortunately didn't speed up the process of getting the car finished JT3 - yeah i'll have to take you for a drive but bring a spare change of pants :P this things a monster now.. is very dangerous if not careful. 11TWO - yeah I bought all the chromed parts and the engine off dan rucci but the mechanic that built the engine was the same person who did all the work on the car along with his colleague sketra - I had no idea what your rim idea was :P i bought this rims about a year ago 17x7 black with a polished lip :) want to take the car to the drags in the next month, should get low 13s with ease but traction will be a problem as it doesn't get traction until 4th! Made 202kw atw with ease on a conservative tune.. turbo is rated for 400HP and engine can handle 400HP as it's all forged internals etc.
  5. You might just have to go to the wreckers and see if they have any panels of another soarer, as far as im aware i thought rust had to be cut out you couldnt just try bog it up? Nice project you got there but looks like $$ need to be spent, thought you were sick of spending on your corolla hehe
  6. Car is back on the road finally! i'll let the pictures do the talking And the end product Last but not least the dyno graph!! a lot of power for a FWD let me tell you 272HP at the wheels with 313nm of torque!! Car hits 1.6 bar at full boost and 1.7 on a cold night, if you do the conversion its 23-24 psi!
  7. only just recently bought my camry sportivo 07 and fuel consumtion isn't too bad. Only filled up twice, first time filled up 55 litres and fuel light came on about 550km so I filled up but could have stretched it a bit more but wanted to be safe, this was half metro half freeway driving. Filled up last week and managed 56 litres, now on half a tank at 340kms this trip, computer says range is 320km at 8.0L/100km so technically i should get 640km out of this tank. The lowest I have seen is 7.6L/100 and the most is 9.2 but sits around 8 - 9 L on average which i'm happy about.
  8. would love to help but I have a dark blue sportivo 07 :) I've never seen a gold one at car rentals so you might be out of luck
  9. Hey that's right it was from www.carmate.com needed a bit of modification to fit and needed to be primed and painted. Will post up some progress pics of car shortly
  10. jayrome

    Lexus ES300

    where are the mods when you need them... once you get some decent wheels it'll look sick.. how will you afford to run the rolla and the lexus? 2 regos, insurance and petrol, I'm in the same boat :P
  11. you will also need to route the exhaust over the rear suspension subframe like CHA54 mentioned otherwise they will say the exhaust is too low. Personally I'd fix what the cops told you to fix and then just make sure everything else is working in general like window wipers, water in the washer bottle, no engine oil leaks, indicators, reverse lights park lights and headlights etc... good luck lol
  12. got my new rims on friday 17x7 decided to paint the engine bay red to match my theme and the engine block will be started late next week finally!! :)
  13. unlucky!! I know how it feels but my yellow was on for 3 months lol. once you go over the pits they'll give you 30 days if you don't manage to fix everything up. But generally speaking you go over the pits and leave with a shopping list of things to fix, because your car isn't modified you should be alright :P but about $90 to go over the pits and about $50 thereafter if your exhaust is too loud they'll test it so if you think it's too loud i'd get a resonator or something to quieten it down
  14. your getting ripped off. Why not find a 2nd hand g/box from the wreckers? i got my GZE g/box for $500 which was LSD and about $300 for mechanic to install...
  15. what makes you think it's the seals? Make sure there is oil in the g/box first, shouldn't be a very big job..