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  1. Removing Dash Trim

    Yep! I removed all my trims not too long ago and all the door trims have screws holding them on, so the door panels need to be removed.
  2. GSV50R Steering wheel on a GSV40R

    Oh, also.. I feel I may have blown a fuse for the sequential today when fiddling around with it.. Haha. Any idea where the fuse for it might be located? I'm certain I checked every fuse under the passenger kick and in the bonnet and couldn't find any blown fuses. I've checked the manual but couldn't find anything.. Just thought you may have come across it while you were wiring yours.
  3. GSV50R Steering wheel on a GSV40R

    No problem, Trent. I'll try to take some decent photos. I've been pretty busy lately so haven't been able to attempt the steering wheel swap over, though I had some time to look at it today. After searching around for a bit under the centre console, I found the plug which controls the 'S' mode, but honestly had no idea as to which colour may have been connected to 'Shift up' and 'Shift down'. Can you remember at all as to which colour wires controlled the shift up and down on your car? If I'm lucky, it might be the same on my car!
  4. GSV50R Steering wheel on a GSV40R

    Alright, thanks! Another question though, sorry.. So I've temporarily hooked up the new steering wheel controls to make sure they'll work properly, and they do! Except for the 'Disp' button. I've wired it to the same as the GSV40R plug but no buttons seem to control the 'Disp'. What did you do to get around this when you put in the Master Blade wheel?
  5. GSV50R Steering wheel on a GSV40R

    More so just the amount wires coming from the paddle shifts themselves. There are 3 wires which go into the clockspring from the steering wheel side. So I know one wire goes to 'Shift Up' and one goes to 'Shift down' but just wasn't sure if the third wire needed to be run somewhere. I might give it a go today and will give an update later on!
  6. GSV50R Steering wheel on a GSV40R

    So, I've been taking the pins out of the GSV50R plug to put into the GSV40R plug. After taking them all out, I've noticed that my paddle shifts have 3 wires, a black, pink and orange wire. Any idea what the extra wire may be needed for? Just unsure where to run it to.
  7. GSV50R Steering wheel on a GSV40R

    Awesome, thanks very much for your help. I'll get back to it all and will give another update soon on how I go! :)
  8. GSV50R Steering wheel on a GSV40R

    Haha. Yeah, sorry for my messy explanations.. Still getting my head wrapped around it all :P Anyway, I'm starting to think the same thing.. I can't imagine I'd ever really use the extra features, and I rarely use my phone with hands free to make it worth my while for the pick up/hang up button. Going with the use of the GSV40R plug will probably be a hell of a lot easier and less stuffing around. When running the extra wires for the paddles, what kind of lug/termination did you use on the wire to allow it to plug into the spare ports in the connector for the clockspring? The smallest type of termination I can think of would be a bootlace. Not sure if it'll be small enough though.
  9. GSV50R Steering wheel on a GSV40R

    Yeah, the photo I put up was of the GSV50R clockspring. The connection to the GSV50R has a 14 pin connector from the car side, but a 12 pin connector from the steering wheel side. I was going to keep the GSV40R clockspring and just take the connection from the GSV40R wheel and put it on the GSV50R wheel, but then I thought it might be nice to be able to use the extra steering wheel features, rather than just have dead buttons on there. So I figured if I used the GSV50R clockspring and just change the 12 pin connection to a 14 pin connection, then I'd be able to run wires to my head unit to use the extra buttons. Only trouble is, I'm not sure if anywhere will be selling the 14 pin connection anywhere.. Worst case scenario, I'll just use the paddles, and leave a few unusable buttons on the wheel.
  10. GSV50R Steering wheel on a GSV40R

    Right. Just a minor update to this project. I've bought and received the steering wheel for the GSV50R. After taking off the steering wheel from my Aurion GSV40R, I've discovered that the plug connecting to the clock spring from the steering wheel is actually a different size to the original (It has 2 rows of 6 pins, where as my GSV40R has 2 rows of 5 pins). I decided to buy a clock spring to suit a GSV50R and see how I go from there, only to discover that the connection between the clock spring and the car itself is now different! Originally I was then thinking of taking the plug (between the steering wheel and clockspring) off the GSV40R and putting it on the GSV50R wheel, but if I were to do that, then I wouldn't have the option of adding in the extra steering wheel features (Call pick up, hang up, etc, as it has less extra wires available) later down the track. So now I'm going with trying the change the plug (between the car and clockspring) so I am able to use the GSV50R clockspring, that way I can add in the extra buttons later if I decide to. This is where I need some helpful information! I've had a look online to try and find the right connection, but just can't find anything. One way is to just run wires individually to each pin, but it seems a bit dodgy.. plus I wouldn't want to cause any shorts between the wires. If anyone has any helpful ideas then PLEASE let me know! :) The connection I'm after is boxed in red below ;)
  11. GSV50R Steering wheel on a GSV40R

    Yeah, fair enough. Well I've actually bought a GSV50R steering wheel already and am waiting for it to arrive. I've also found a site which sells the airbags separately but plan to wait so I can be sure the steering wheel and all the wiring will be able to connect up properly. I'll take some photos once I get started and post them up here in case anyone else is interested in doing the same thing.
  12. GSV50R Steering wheel on a GSV40R

    One more thing, sorry. Can you remember from the previous post you were referring to, if the airbag is a different size to the GSV40R model?
  13. GSV50R Steering wheel on a GSV40R

    Awesome, thanks very much for your quick reply. I've checked out a few other's mods on the steering wheel (including yours!) but was hoping I'd be able to use a GSV50R model as it'll be cheaper and easier to get than the Lexus IS350, and haven't been able to find any Blade Master wheels. Love all your mods by the way. Been following them closely!
  14. Hi guys, First time poster, but always reading through the forums! Anyway, I've had a bit of a search around but haven't been able to find anything, so I'm sorry if this has already been answered. I currently own a 2010 Sportivo ZR6 and am wondering if anyone has attempted or have any idea if a GSV50R style steering wheel would fit straight onto the GSV40R model? I understand there may be some features which aren't included on the GSV40R, but more so hoping the connections would basically be a perfect match. Pretty much just wanting to see if I'm able to use the paddle shift features from a later model Aurion, rather than going down the Lexus IS350 path.. (More expensive, etc). If anyone has any suggestions or links, please let me know! Thanks :D