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  1. Hi everyone. Plan to get this to put in my 2007 zr6 with Nav sat uni. But not sure how to wire this one into my head unit. Can I just cut off the harness then wire it into the head unit as the diagram in the other photo?
  2. Does anyone can show me how to install the reverse cam for my zr6. It has nav screen already. Found some reverse cam from eBay but not too sure of the head unit still have the empty socket to plug in or not. Can some one guild me or if there is a thread for the instruction. Thanks every one
  3. Hi everyone Can I double check something about the tail light for my zr6 2007 replacement. My question is those tail lights below is for zr6 2009 to 2011. Does anyone know if it will fit in the zr6 2007 or there is different about the wire or somethings? In the descriptions from the seller said it only fit from model from 2009-2011. Thanks everyone.
  4. Hi Malla It been installed succesfully today on my zr6. Nice and easy. Thanks a lot for your help, couldnt done it without help from you :)
  5. hi Malla . How are you? I was so busy recently. Today im going to order the gta kit, but i just realisedon my navigation unit, it doesnt have to aux button, so how do I turn it to auxiliary mod when the gta kit been installed. Im wondering about that.
  6. Awesome. Gonna order it soon then I'll tell you when I done it. Thank you a lots Malla 😊
  7. Awesome. So I just plug the existing one out and put the gta in. But still confusing the existing one for what fucntion though 😐. It would be great if the gta kit come with the Y cable 🙁
  8. Awesom. Actually I pulled it out today to check and took photo. But so disappointed because all the ports was plugged buy the sockets and thought that my aurion doesn't have aux 🙁. So as you said I'll just need to order gta kit and remove the one same as on gta kit and plug it in yeah? But still quite confuse the one would be remove for which function of the car 😐. Does anyone know?
  9. Hi Mallabullaergo and everyone for help. Its so amazing because that I didn't expected you guys will get me back so quick. And yeah Mallabullaergo, it would be great if you so me some photos at the back of your head unit and which port when you can. Because I'm so confusing that my unit at the back all the ports is plugged in. So that why I'm thinking about even if I have a kit how can I plug in or which one I need to remove to plug the new one in. Have a good weekend everyone 😀
  10. Hi everyone. How are you guys going? Look like this thread been for awhile without any update. Can anyone recommend which cable should I get on eBay or somewhere to fit into my aurion zr6 2007 sat nav. As on those photos you can see that all my ports been plugged so is there anyway to get something to plug in or ? Really dead from this head unit 😐