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  1. yep they are heavier than the sportivo wheels.
  2. Colour sand with 3000 UNI-grit sand paper, then rotary buff with a good compound. Only do this if you are confident and have had previous experience with car detailing... if not, seek for a professional car detailer who can do this for you. But this is the only way to remove a serious paint defect PROPERLY.
  3. Ok, yes i did use 2 of his pics off google images. Gotta admit they aided me with this project quite abit and just had to put them in this post to clarify a few things. Sorry about that andrew, i acknowledge your time/effort for taking and editing those pictures from your previous thread. Photo courtesy of [Andrew (Aurion ZR6) Pics 4th and 5th from the top.
  4. Ok, if anyone is interested here is a guide on how to install these front view cams. 1) you will need the solenoid i have which has 8 prongs, a switch with 2 prongs, some wire, solder+soldering iron, heat shrink, Front view cam (NTSC), female and male connectors. 2) The reason why we are using a solenoid: As we have a reverse camera hooked up already, the additional front camera will interfere the screens display if both cameras became active at the same time. To avoid this issue we need to install a solenoid which switches between the cameras, only allowing 1 camera to display at a time, ex
  5. Hey guy's i recently purchased a TRD aurion 3500sl, and i have noticed that these splitters stick out quite a fair bit, and they are also quite low to the groud. The last thing i want, is to hear that unpleasant "scraping" sound when entering and exiting driveways, especially with the current condition my splitter is in now. My car came with a factory satnav, which had been installed by the previous owner. No reverse cam was installed, So I installed an aftermarket reverse camera, which wasn't too difficult too do. After this was installed, i wired up a front view camera, and this is how it lo
  6. Thats why you need to do what i did! left the house on foot, and returned in a TRD. lol Theres nothing she can do now
  7. Yeh the 86 is an awesome car, but i needed a decent sized,comfortable 5 seater. TRD aurion is the ultimate family car ahaha. Love it.
  8. I bought a TRD aurion 3500sl. Absolutely ADORE it too bits. Such a massive improvement on the standard ZR6. I am currently selling my ZR6 at the moment, and nobody is interested. Already been advertised for 2 months. 2008 model, 71000km for $19,000 not even a phone call :( shame coz it is such a lovely car, who ever gets it will love it. However i do recommend upgrading to a TRD, for the price you pay now days, its alot of car for the money, so worth it!
  9. I tried sanding it today, i rubbed it back very lightly, but it seemed to have some depth to it. plus it looks like as if it has a clear coat as the residue was milky. I managed to remove some etching but it looks to have damaged the surface. Plus my rotary buffer has decided to not work anymore, so i used my dual action polisher to buff it up. I may have to invest in some new pillars!
  10. Hey guys, i recently purchased a TRD Aurion 3500sl, and it had been slightly neglected by its previous owner. The car is clean but to a detailers eye it needs alot of TLC. Anyway, i have some acid rain etching on the shinny Black plastics on the B pillar/doors. I have already tried rotary buffing with a compound but i haven't managed to remove the defects. I was thinking of colour sanding with 2500 uni-grit sand paper, but i'm not sure if it i will damage the pillars. Are they painted? do they have a clear coat? or are they just clear plastic over a painted surface? I have been using the uni g
  11. LoooL im watching those wheels... just saying
  12. my sister used to have a yaris with a pioneer deck and the radio reception wasn't as good as the factory stereo. But she didnt care as she used the ipod hence why she bought it.
  13. Are you running a genuine toyota headunit? Because i had an aftermarket head unit and had terrible radio reception. I then forked out some more cash for a genuine Aurion sat nav. what a difference! The quality of the radio reception improved by 100%

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