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  1. Did valve springs on my falcon once. Was a bit fiddly & time consuming without an air compressor (rope in the cylinder trick) but the inline 6 was a dream to work on. So much room!!!
  2. Wish these were easy to modify like my previous falcons. There was a smart cookie on the Ford forums who isolated the wires under the dash for the trans shift control, and after measuring resistances, came up with a simple solution of increasing firmness of the shifts.... Aka "shift kit" using a variable resistor intercepting the signal. Was bloody fantastic being able to fine tune the sloppiness out of the gear changes, and the theory was more longetivety from the trans due to less slippage = less heat. I wonder if the aurion can be done as well
  3. I reckon that sounds wicked. Nice work mate. Have u made a shield around it to block out the hot air?
  4. 80 zone fellas. Bit of fun. And I've wanted to learn & get my own bike for a few years now, but I don't know anyone who would trail behind me to get hours up, so it will never happen
  5. Tried racing a Ducati diavel, & got the jump on him from the lights, managed to fend him off till 70kph, then he blew past me like I was nothing. Google the bike when I got home & realized why..... 120kw = 200kg weight 😂 sounded quite nice too, very unique
  6. That slow takeoff is ecu wizardry toning down the power. Impressive kickback is because of the trans stalling up first Tried stalling up from the lights to 2500rpm ONCE, to see what these things can do out of curiosity, and it launched beautifully. These aren't sportscars, but 200kw fwd + 6sp is nothing to be sneezed at
  7. I've noticed how much difference there is with my aurion in regards to acceleration (plenty more of it) , and even the way the trans behaves when I'm cruising home at night from bowling, compared to driving at sunlight which is 90% of the time. The ecu must be programmed to really hold back the timing etc with hot air. I wish cold air intakes on these were easier to rig up, because I see a lot of stuff joined to it, along with the maf, makes me hesitant to touch anything coz I don't know where to replumb it all or what purpose they serve
  8. Sorry guys, to be honest, was a bit under the weather & not in the best mood at the time. Ignore it. 👍
  9. Today's leather seats are nothing like what they had in the old school cars. There's some sort of protective coating on them which keeps them alive longer, but is resistant to the classic leather rejuvinators. You could buff them with a wet polishing cloth & would look like u spent hours giving them love. Having said that, oakwood products are my choice, and the shine from the wax at the end is very satisfying haha
  10. Hey mate I get the same thing. Rotten eggs. Funny thing is my 20 year v8 wagon did the same thing after a blast, & I put it down to worn bootlid/tailgate rubber seals. So it might be that, but also check u don't have a leak in the exhaust, especially at the flex joint up the front which is prone to being the first part of the car to hit a speedbump
  11. Yeah it's a **** looking piece, isn't it? You could spend dollars replacing the entire exhaust, and have the squashed section ruin everything. I've read some weird stuff on here how that squashed y piece was created by Toyota on purpose to create extra torque haha.
  12. Stock is best? Haha. Cmon. Free flowing exhaust is best. He opened up a small section & left the rest bottlenecked. Nothing was going to come of this other than prove you can replace a factory cat cheaper with aftermarket. Cars are built to a price, to suit there target market. Camrys & aurions are viewed as whitegoods by most enthusiasts, but anything can be improved. It's a shame there's not more people on here to contribute to enhancing these cars. 😞
  13. I haven't found the same experience with mine. The transmission is "dumb" compared to other cars I've driven. Today I drove a 2014 2L honda civic 5spd, and a 2014 1.6L hyandai i30 6spd. Both cars with nearly half the power of my aurion, but using 30% light throttle they accelerate exactly the same around town. These 4 bangers are extremely touchy and love to drop down gears with minimal throttle making use of all available power. Highway overtaking sucks of course. My aurion seems to be obsessed with picking the highest gear possible for every situation, and needs 50% throttle to be enco
  14. Try rotating wheels front to back and see if there's any improvement. Did that with mine when I bought it & quickly found the front tyres were at fault, probably from never being rotated
  15. Damn. Thanks for the update, & here's hoping the next one will be success. You would have to assume the way the wheels are holding after the corners will increase tyre wear 😞

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