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  1. Cabin air filter - which one?

    thats pretty bad. i wouldnt wash a filter thats not made to be washable though. Water tends to destroy single use elements
  2. My Sportivo Dials

    Couldnt reach where i needed to, so rags piled up behind eachother did the trick. Then the rattle popped up again few days later, then disappeared just as quick. Now gotta find one near the rear window....
  3. My Woodgrain Trim

    thanks Akkadian will leave it now i reckon, dont really want too much vinyl going on..... plus i cant see myself being able to do any more without making a mess of things
  4. Cabin air filter - which one?

    Ive seen quality cabin filters in a car for years, and unless u like breathing in mould spores & white powdered particles of broken up filter, i would suggest getting the cheap stuff, and rotate between cleaning/replacing every service. Just my thoughts..
  5. Probably should.... Dont want to burn any bridges though
  6. rang a brake shop, and now im getting it done for over $100 less, love how he was transparent in the fact its a 30min job. Great. so i ring toyota to cancel the brake flush, but still keen to go ahead with the wheel alignment, and they had no issue with that
  7. Fuel consumption

    Spend an extra $6 per tank for premium, which wouldve bought an extra 4.6 litres of 91 @ $1.30L Then think how many km's 4.6 litres of 91 would got you..... Is premium actually that economical?
  8. Done the last service myself, apart from the brake fluid flush as i thought i'd leave that up to the pro's Almost everywhere on the internet $99 seems a fair price for new brake fluid. Toyota quoted me $170, and since theyre doing a wheel alignment for me, im biting the bullet to get both done at same time. Thing is they dont understand, they can rip me off & make some extra $$ from me now, but i will never be going back there for mechanical work unless i really have to, so they lose.
  9. LED headlights

    Nice work krigeroz with the lights, inspired me to do something with mine, will msg you instead.
  10. LED headlights

    Its 18-20% tint....... not limo, had it on every car ive owned and never had this problem. Can you recommend any brighter lights for the rear that will work?
  11. LED headlights

    I find the headlights on mine to be very narrow which has become increasingly noticable since i fitted 18% tint. Pulling into my driveway at night is a guessing game until the car straightens up Also while im here, i want to upgrade the miserable reverse lights with cree led's. They will be 16w, do i need error free versions?
  12. My Woodgrain Trim

    Thank you for the comments!! Did a little more today, as ive never been happy with the over abundance of silver in the dash/console. The woodgrain splits it up a little, similar look to the earlier accord euro's...... but i hope to never again have to remove that flip door pocket thingy, what a pain!!!! I couldnt remove it without ruining the spring (was this part put together by aliens?) then had HEAPS of fun bending it 50 different ways & re-engineered it to do its job sitting in a different spot
  13. My Woodgrain Trim

    Wanted a luxo looking interior in my touring SE. After fitting a presara steering wheel, i couldnt afford the crazy prices the wreckers were asking for a couple bits of fake woodgrain, so i imported some high quality vinyl from the U.S. and went to work. I never realized when ordering the vinyl, it had a matte finish, bit of a bummer, but im pleased with it being my first attempt at vinyl wrapping anything
  14. Any recommended dash mats for 2007 AT-X?

    its disgusting how there wasnt a recall on these cars for the ruined dash. Yes im aware theres people getting looked after, and being the original owner helps alot, but i betcha theres 10x more people who are being turned away, given the conversation i had with toyota whilst researching these cars before i purchased My 17 year old fairmont sat in the sun for its entire life & the dash looked beautiful when i sold it, how did toyota get this wrong?
  15. Car Mats and carpet soaked wet

    Car isnt supposed to be submerged in water. Youll find once u stop driving through flooded roads, this issue will go away