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  1. Hello All; New member here from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. I'm driving a 2003 Caldina GT Four N Edition (I've been driving it for around a year now). Had it shipped with some defects including worn out Shocks; still trying to source out some OEM Genuine N Edition shocks (which I cannot find in our part of the world). I'm interested in modifying cars and this being my first car, I'm looking forward to commence modding, one small step at a time.
  2. @rentaspace That's sad to hear. But you had fun with it. Anyway, let me check on Facebook maybe I can be of luck (I also have the Pre-facelift Model). I working on slowly building it to the perfect ride; hope I can rely in you for some advice or two.
  3. Hey @rentaspace hope you are enjoying your Caldina. I'm looking to obtain the Front Grill like the one you had on before changing the Bumper to the TRD Bumper; please direct me where I can order one online (or a whole Bumper) as out here part shops don't have any Caldina Kits in stock.