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  1. I wonder if you could try another ECU from another member or something like that. They might be too integrated in the 2010 Hilux though, or with the other control units in the vehicle, or need some kind of re-coding
  2. All this occured when you had the items replaced? Did you replace anything with anything different (Ie a different turbo than standard, etc)? The parts that went in were they genuine? Aftermarket sensors can be terrible
  3. Hey all, so I have a 1986 dual cab LN65 hilux. It was my first car in actual fact. Anyway I recently bought it back from a friend of mine who had it for a while and he put a racing-bucket seat in the drivers position. Im wondering will a later model Hilux drivers seat bolt in? Im just looking for a standard type of seat that wont attract too much attention. What is the simplest seat I can mount without too much modification. The original floor rails are still there.