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  1. Thanks for your input Ash and Dave! Thank you for your insight into these cars and the repairs you have done. Sounds like you've had a lot of hands on time with your Ash, I'll be weary of transmissions though I think a lot of toyotas use their sealed for life transmissions so its good to be more filled in on them. I havent yet ended up getting one but I'll keep you posted. Seems like theres so many Toyotas of different kinds still in circulation with 300k+ kms on them, which is great piece of mind when considering getting one. I'm sure you guys have seen the Toyota Tacomas in the states that get over a million miles on them and are still running well, plenty of videos on them. Again cheers boys
  2. Hey guys! I was looking at picking up an Aurion as a cheap runabout. My brother has one and it's been a very reliable car but he's only clocked 130k on it. As I was looking at some cheaper examples on gumtree, between the 200k-300k mark and was wondering what you guys have experienced with these cars in that mileage range. They tend to only cost between $4000-$6000. Doing my research I understand the GR motors on the Aurion's and Lexus's are very very reliable. The only thing I have found to go bad on more than one occasion is the water pump, which is a $1000 job because of the labour involved and where it is placed. My brothers also developed the famous 'Toyota death rattle' on cold starts, which I assume earned its name for a reason, but his car still runs every single day with the death rattle and has done for over a year. Any info you could give me on your own cars and experience with the higher mileage would be awesome. Thanks guys

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