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  1. U can just buy a honda CRV antenna $25 bucks from Honda. looks better, does the same thing, or just cut the tip of ur stock antenna. works fine.
  2. hair dryer and thin card ... take ur time doing it .. no rush.
  3. Hi guys.. been ages!! hope everything is safe and hotting up their stivos!! thought i pop in to say hi.. i no longer own a stivo but still visit the forum every now n den... good to see lots of members d=). atm I drive my work car now.. 2007 Honda Accord Euro luxury, thought i;d update everyone. Drive safely all !
  4. The Lambo driver kinda looks like you Steve! drives like him too ahha jk
  5. I Wanted to lease the accord, but they stop making the one i wanted... new accord coming out next month.. 205 kws..
  6. Up for sale Peeps http://firesport.ipspace.com/?section=item...w&id=118792 =)
  7. wasnt it ur uncles shop u recommend? errr haha
  8. man looks sick ehehhe
  9. He broke into my house stole my spare key and viper and some other stuff den took off, 4 months ago! EM1s have b16a im sure.. double checked other civics on carsales =). yeah good to b para where u park.. better to be safe den sorry.
  10. arh so that was ur stivo with the super white lights? hehe car was dirty bro.. just came back from wilsons promontory =)
  11. lol u guys crack me up !!! i saw u few weeks ago kaze!! ur lights look sick.. did u hid the foggies too ? gonna keep the car as it is robby!! done with mods.. thinking about selling it.. might lease accord or civic sports..
  12. Thanx guys!! hopefully see u at the next cruises!! hehe
  13. Few images of my loved corolla b4 it was stolen! Drive safe guys!
  14. Howdy guys! just popped in to say hi .. Unfortunetly my car was a total ride off after it got stolen and was un-repairable.. i miss it ! My new ride Its the last shape of the 2000 Honda Civic coupe EM1 B18A 118kws. Has whale ***** J's intake system. Full Exhaust system Adjusterable Suspension 18" lightweight Khangs rims mtec globes All sony - 12" sub - 2 chan amp - 6x9 - tweets and 6" fronts JVC divx headunit I like it but loved my corolla more! but gotta move on as i have more priorities and could not afford a more expensive car. Hope u guys been good!
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