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  1. look ... guys ... you all got it wrong ... granny shiftin .. not double clutching like you should .... if you are having probs with your gear box then i believe you should be ordering your parts overnight from japan ... Put it on my tab at Micky T's and while your at it get some super hot mashimoto ZX tyres ...
  2. i dunno about you .. but I aint no 2 minute man .. hahahhahaha good ole days !
  3. yep that was I ..... where were u ? I was headed towards parklea. I never saw you only the car! I to spotted bill .. this morning on Seven hills road whilst shopping for more aquariums ... ... At first i heard some knob reving his car .... hahahahhahahahah
  4. hahah pete ... not very nice to get ppl to flash you .... your not that desperate are you ?? hahahahhaah
  5. garry ! ... i cant get over how good your car looks .... its come a long way since we first saw her in castle hill !!!!!!
  6. were they overnight ? naa they take a bit of time to get the cheapest price for you then quote you then you buy it then they ship it in i think less than 3 days from memory for shipping yea you missed it dave .... youd get more kw if it came overnight ...
  7. were they overnight ?
  8. Hatch DOES NOT fit ..... i wasted money on 2 rear mufflers .. been told wagon doesn't fit either .... anyone got XFORCE on a sedan ... i would like pics emailed to me if possible .... or even pics installed on hatch .... thanks video of a rolla sedan with a catback 2 1/4 inch and x-force p-ex11
  9. well dont know melb well but spotted a black rolla dropped on gold/bronze 17's Friday nite on Whitehorse road ?? in box hill at 9pm on the dot ... and 2 stivos 1 silver 1 red at Knox shopping centre car park thingo on sat nite