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  1. We're dead. Deader than a doorknob. Deader than The Living End. Deader than death. We're symbolic of Tocau, in the sense that it's also dying / already dead. Our homes and front porches are now littered with young angsty teens who join with mum's camry, and then proceed to spread a river of emotional turmoil through car communities somewhat like cancer. There are combined car meets out at the Museum every friday night that you are welcome to attend. Doesn't matter what type of car you have. We have ranges from GTP Falcons, RX7's, BMW's etc.
  2. Thats crap, the Zero 2's are head and shoulders above kings/koni setup and im not even talking about track use, even for the short spirited bit of driving they would shine. When i got my set they cost me just under 3K, one of the best mods i ever did to my sportivo. Yet no elabroation on 'why' they are better. That's an opinion. From a fanboi. In a twist of irony, it was a friend of yours that convinced me that coilovers on the street were a complete waste of money.
  3. Unless you're going to be tuning every nuance in your suspension setup and taking this tuning to the track with you, then you are wasting money. On the street you'll notice sfa between a the Zero 2's and a change of springs / Koni Yellows as an example. I think I've only seen two people on this site actually use the Zero 2's to their full extent, one being Superdave who tracks very often. All the other people that jumped on the Zero 2 bandwagon said they just wanted a better handling setup combined with the fact they have the ability to change the ride height. The funny point here is, everyone set their ride height and just left it...and never touched it...again. You can do the exact same thing with springs and shortened shocks...yay. Using the Koni's as an example here, it works out a lot cheaper than the above figures, and they're Koni's so they are high quality. Note: I might add that yes, once upon a time they were only a few hundred dollars more expensive than a the above example (Koni's). Personally I can't blame the guys who took advantange of that, granted.
  4. I'm a fan of the wheels, however not the tyre package. I realise you've probably selected the profile you have in order to retain the rolling diameter, but they look like they've been painted on they're that thin. Go up a profile next time you're getting tyres, your colon will thank you. I'd steer clear of Wangkang tyres in the future too.
  5. I can go from 0 to 15cm in half an hour while watching Kate Beckinsale?
  6. Dead


    xoom is. Haw. In regards to vehicle modifications, I suggest you make contact with the RTA. Your question is extremely broad. If it was more focused on what it is you are considering doing to your car as an example, you may get an actual answer out of someone on here, as opposed to this post, which I wrote out of boredom...and to pick on xoom. Although he doesn't really deserve it. He's a nice guy. Likes kebabs also, and HOW.
  7. You have to possess a special license to own and care for a Sulphur Crest. They aren't issued that easily either. Mine was rather placid in the car on vet visits in the past. This is due to the fact he has a permanently damaged wing though. I personally have never made it a habit of taking him on drives, given that what we consider a minor accident means a fairly hectic one for him, and quite possibly resulting in him dying. They live for quite a long time, and he's in his mid 30's with another 30 to go, so I intend on keeping it that way. Besides, a car was what hit him in the first place. Poor bugger. Absolutely gorgeous bird by the way. They're very much the 'Clowns' of the avian world.
  8. So the normal colour is gold? Nelson will keep an eye out for you then.
  9. Does the Taco Meter go up to 6000rpm? If so, yet again, that's a lot of Taco's:
  10. So you look like a burn vicitm? Please PM me your secrets to tuning your Cordia. I must know what your secrets are.
  11. Dead


    Leroy, Nelson has always been the stud. Rob can't pull chicks to save himself, haha, the douche.
  12. Dead


    Alright, well I thought I'd be serious for once. Myself and the girl:
  13. Dead


    The only way to settle the tension between Spillage and Simo this is through a Yu-gi-oh card game. It's time to D...D...D...D...D...D...D...D...D...D...D...D...D...D...D...D...D...D...D...D... D...D...D...D...D...D...D...D...D...D...D...D...D...DUEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. It's all a gee up. I never believe anything the Media say. Once I have confirmation from Top Gear I'll believe it.
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