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  1. who drive toyota aurion (old name is camry ) is old men and so gay
  2. look ugly to me, sportivo is not sporty at all. how can it cpmpare to evo
  3. Black_Oni

    need help

    my car is auto, it seem normal when i drive, even when it brake. only the thing it smell like rubber burning. i can't get to the toyota at this time, i am short of $ . beside i just finished my 3 year warranty. my car only 30.000km, my last service is on 30/10/2007. if there a problem, how much cost to fix that ?
  4. Black_Oni

    need help

    my camry sportivo 2005, this 2 days when i drive, it smell something burning, on the right front wheel, it burn like a rubber burning, smell very bad, i dont know what is wrong with it ? anyone help please, cause my car few 500km more due to toyota service time.
  5. i had 1 toyota camry TS-01 2005 model 185kw v6 TRD
  6. need to know the temperture of the light too, if 4200k is still yellow, u need at list 5000k and up. i install 5000k, i got total in white and abit of blue. without the h.i.d coversion kit.
  7. Black_Oni

    need advice

    i got camry 16 inch alloy wheel, can i put performance tyres in it ? do nankang tyres good ?
  8. Hi i have 2005 camry sportivo, can this car install H.I.D Conversion kit ? and make i ask how much $ is worth ?
  9. Black_Oni


    what is fuel injection do ? and how it work ?