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  1. As trent said, the fuel tank can be accessed under the rear seat. The rear seat is just fixed with 3 clips on the front part of the seat so it is not hard to remove it. However, if you are planning to DIY on the fuel filter, I would not recommend doing it unless you are experienced mechanic. You need to pay attention to remove the cover plate not to bent and you are going to deal with flammable liquid (the fuel) once you open the cover.
  2. Hi all. I have asked about the transmission oil level check on this forum long long time ago which post is in the DJKOR's sticky post. Since the Toyota service schedule does not include the transmission oil replacement in their log book for Aurion around year 2007 (not sure the current model includes the oil change in their log book nowadays) and was told that the transmission is sealed for life. I had a bit of worries that any kind of oil can go bad if heat cycle is present and it is just matter of time. I decided to replace the transmission oil on both my brother's Aurion and my Lexus IS250 and both are sealed for life on transmission oil because my Lexus had a bit of rough shifting. It is not impossible to replace the oil, you just need to be careful to get the correct level of oil to prevent under or overfilled which can cause trouble on your tranny. I did this a couple of year back time with full synthetic oil (not sure the exact spec) and the transmission was even better than the time I brought both the cars in. The drained original ATF from both car was shocking with amount of sludge and degrading of oil was already started. Aurion hit just under 100,000 KM and my lexus was approx at 110,000 KM when ATF was replaced on both cars. I am with 2007 Volkswagen Touareg V6 and this car has same system as Toyota does that the transmission is sealed for life and it does not require the oil replacement. However, I did the same thing again right after I bought it (just bought the car at Christmas last year) as it was at 110K KM and the transmission now is a lot better. As I have read the definition of 'sealed for life' is approx 125,000 MILES from one of the US forums which is just over 200K km but 'sealed for life' does not necessarily mean that the transmission will last until that time and the manufacturer does not guarantee if it fails out of warranty. Besides, as service department, replacing the whole transmission gives a lot more profit than just replacing the ATF. I believe the latest European cars (MB, VW etc) are now including the ATF replacement in their schedule around 60,00~90,000KM so it would be a good idea to replace ATF around at 100,00KM if your Aurion is around year 2006-2011 and gives you a bit of rough shifting before the transmission fails with bad fluid in it.
  3. Hi All. Long time no post. I came back to give you a bit of update if you guys are still researching on these coilovers. They are still going tough with the odometer nearly hits 160K KM. No leaking is visible on all 4 corners yet. The only issue is the uneven wear on front tires. This is on going issue that my tires keep having uneven wear mostly on fronts. No camber angle was set on both fronts but still having the issue. Had couple of wheel alignments done whenever tire replacement happened but no major issue was found. A mechanic gave me an opinion that the uneven wear can happen on tires with big and/or wide rims as mine are 20" and they are bigger than the design. I have no idea whether it really is related with the size of rims or not. The uneven wear is minor to normal level and the car is my sister in law's daily drive so I don't really care anymore.:) Apart from the uneven wear, the investment of these coilies was worth it. JIN
  4. Hey mate. Just had a look on your pictures. Settings between right and left are different. Is there any specific reason that you have this setup? Seems a bit wrong to me.. BTW about the noise, try to re-install the one making noise. I've had noise on passenger side one but once I re-installed it, the noise was gone. Cheers. Jin
  5. Hey mate. When I brought them in, the seller could organize the custom spring rate for me. You might have to talk to the seller first. But I don't see any problems of getting springs separately because I had mine done. I have no idea if there are new versions of this coilover but if it's the same model as the first picture of this page, I believe that you might be able to get the springs separately without any extra parts fitted.
  6. Hey guys. Just here for a quick update of the coilovers. My brother still owns the Aurion and it has clocked about 110,000 KM. The coilies are working still fine without any noises or leakings. I feel a little bit stiffer than before with same setting but nothing else failed on these coilies. I did a regular check ups whenever tyres were replaced. Couple of questions were asked about spring rates so I put more information over here for you guys. As the first post of this topic, I have ordered 8KG front 6KG rear which were not the standard package the seller was selling. The original kit was with about 6KG front 5KG rear something(not so sure) but the kit was originally for camry at that time in the US. So I asked the seller to upgrade my springs to 8KG front and 6KG rear because we have V6 engine in our aurion not likely 4 cylinder camry. I don't know what spring rates are common now but, in my case, my coilies lasted at least 90,000KM so it seems like they are working fine with this spring rate. You might have to ask the seller if they can upgrade the springs for you. Cheers. Jin
  7. hey. Not sure the exact km but it's about 65000~68000KM.
  8. Hi Guys. Long time no see again. Wow..there's a bit of changes in this forum and it looks fantastic! Just came for a short update for these coilovers. I don't know weather still ppl are interested in these coilovers or not but yeah I keep updating this. These coilovers are still solid and working great. I've pulled them out once for cleaning and readjustment height. No leaking or defects are found yet. A bit of squeaking happened before pulling them but it's gone after cleaning. So yeah...it's been about 2.5 years since I brought them but they are still working as I expected. I hope this helps for some ppl interested in these coilovers. Thanks. :D JIN PS. I am going to do the carbon skin on this aurion soon. I am doing the carbon skin for my IS on the roof or hood and my brother wants the carbon skin too on his aurion. Not going to do on the roof or hood but a bit of detailing for his aurion. :D
  9. The answer is Yes and No. You could get the key&transponder easily from the states but the issue is that locksmith stores wouldn't do that for you. It is because of thier policy that not to program non-Genuine transponders. They dont wanna gaurantee if the non-Geunine transponder causing any problems after programming so they simply don't program it for you. I tried to get a better keyless remote for my girl's 08 Civic but 5 locksmiths stores I've tried rejected to program the transponder because they didn't want to take the risk. Although, the new keyless remote I purchased was Honda Genuine(in the states, yes, but not in AUS?) and the transponder frequency was same as Australia's one, they still rejected to program it. If you can find any locksmith to program your transponder, there'll be no problems to do it. but it's a bit hard to find one to program it for you.
  10. I am a bit concerned about when we are saying 'quality'. When you guys are talking 'quality', how do you explain what quality is? To me, quality means 'fitness for purpose'. That explains what quality is to me. However, some people are saying 'quality' only as 'high-end' or something could stand extreme conditions like rally/racing. When I was doing research about BC coilovers, I searched a lot of information from wide range of forums from the states and canada. I purchased BC because they did meet all my requirements with better options than any other 'low/mid-ranged suspensions' stated above based on my research. I would say the quality of BC is great because they do fit my purpose perfectly. BC may be poor/ bad quality for some people who are expecting racing/rally quality. I am not being a supporter of BC coilover but what I am trying to say is, everyone has different level of expectations and purposes. If something fits your purpose and expectation, should we more carefull to say how the quality is? Also, as a pressure welder by myself and going to work as a welding inspecter from next year, pictures below do not convince me design failure because it's welded. It seems more likely it's a welding defect shown in the pictures which is called 'CRACK'. 'Crack' could happen in many cases for example, heat treatments are poorly/badly done or failure to control hydrogen(which causes underbead cracking) during welding etc. The pictures are only showing defected products to me, not design failure by welding. Additionally, if you see many rally cars, many of suspensions are being custom made which includes a lot of welding.
  11. It seems like Thurs and Fri in my town from this week.. The price was 129.9 on Wed but 119.9 on Thurs and Fri for E10 discounted fuel.
  12. This would be a bit of challenging project for you if you DIY. The size of mounting between aftermarket 6x9 and factory one is different and you really have to be considered about clearance on both front and rear. You would wanna get customised mdf for front mount which would make the job easier. To sum up, the size is same but the mounting size is different. Also, be careful with the depth clearance too on both front and rear which would be a bit of pain to find what speakers you get. Good speakers faily big magnets on the back of the speakers but these kinda speakers would not fit on the rear because of the boot chassis laying right under the original rear speakers. Once you see it, you would know what I am talking about.. so go for it and see how it goes. :P Jin
  13. Hey guys. Just here for a short report for the coilovers because couple of members asked about them. I still look after the aurion although it's my brother's car since he's got no idea what's done on his car at all. :$ Recently, there was a slight spring rattling sound came up from passanger side. I already know about the spring noise would come up because i've seen that case when I researched coilovers on the internet before I brought them. I disassembled the passanger side coilover and re-adjust the spring top mount tight which is the solution for the problem. The noise doesn't come up anymore after that. Apart from the noise, everything works fine. Recently I changed all the tyres with 245 width (235 before) for my brother, but no issues at all. Jin
  14. This sounds pretty similar with my HID system. Yours seems like factory HID but mine was not and it was aftermarket HID with ballasts. It worked perfectly without any problems at all but sometimes later one side of the headlights started blinking and went off. Once it happened, turning off the lights and turning back on solved that problem temporalily and it came back again. At the last, the lamp was permanantly gone. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? I changed both ballasts and lamps but it didn't make any difference. Finally, I installed relay harness for my HID kit and the problem was gone. It's not blinking anymore nor the lamp turns off by itself. I am not sure the factory HID setting has got the relay harness with HID system. If it doesn't, try to install relay harness and see how it works. It's not expensive(only about $20max from ebay?), but it could help on that problem. Note: If you install the relay harness, the light doesn't go off automatically when the car is off because the lights draw not only from the altornator but also from battery as well. You have to turn your lights off manually if you install the basic relay harness. There might be a controller for the automatic turn off relay harness but not sure about the price.
  15. Em..I just swapped some with my parents cars which are 2 camrys. Before: camry1 - 15"alloy, camry2 15" steelies. After: camry1 - Aurion 17" alloy, camry2 15"alloy 15" steelies are still in my shed for spare. The reason y i am looking for stock rims is for my IS250. It's got 16"alloy and tyres need to be replaced soon. But I decided to get bigger rims instead of changing tyres. :D