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  1. 2004 Camry Side mirror glass replacement

    Tried to remove the glass from the mirror, it came off but I broke it so it won't go back on. Yep I'll have to buy the whole mirror assembly now.
  2. Hi I was wondering if its possible to install a clock unit from a MCV36R Camry with the extra features e.g. avg l/100km into a ACV36R Camry.
  3. Hi does anyone know how to change the side mirror glass on these Camry's, just the side mirror glass not the whole mirror, as I got some cheap aftermarket one installed currently and want to change it to a original Toyota one.
  4. 2003 Altise AC control illumination bulbs out

    Yes they are tiny, luckily he had some of those bulbs at his shop, but he said these bulbs can be only found at Toyota.
  5. 2003 Altise AC control illumination bulbs out

    It is possible i got my bulbs replaced, got it done at a car radio shop for $50 with new bulbs included.
  6. Yeah that is true, i just thought it may be just easier to get a hold of factory ones as it will be a straight forward install, but yeah you're correct about it being already deteriorated. If you know, would you know what size speaker would fit thanks.
  7. Managed to get it out and unfortunately the 4 cylinder Sportivo Camry's don't have the tweeters, but tweeters can be installed there, i guess time to find some V6 Camry's that are wrecking and get it off it and get it installed in my Camry.
  8. 04 Camry Sportivo A/C lights bulbs

    So i have taken out the stereo, and wasn't able to figure out how to still take out the A/C unit post image online
  9. Toyota Camry Sportivo side skirts glue coming off

    The back part of the skirts is also starting to come off as well
  10. Hi guys, the glue is starting to come off the side skirts on my camry, anyone know whats the best sort of glue to use to attach it together again
  11. 04 Camry Sportivo A/C lights bulbs

    Not sure, i will have to check again, i will this time try taking out the radio as well as i've seen somewhere that the radio needs to be taken out as well.
  12. Hi got a problem where my dash speaker cover does not want to come out, tried everything to remove these covers, anyone know the right way to remove these covers thanks.
  13. 04 Camry Sportivo A/C lights bulbs

    Tried removing the A/C unit but its very hard to take out, feels like i'm about to break it, i think the radio needs to be taken out as well. I think the Australian Camry's have a slightly different design dash.
  14. Hi i got a problem where whenever on a cold start in the morning, there this weird squeaky sound and the sound disappears roughly after a minute, is this normal or something wrong?