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Corolla Ascent Wheel sizes


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Hi guys,

Just wanted to confirm the legal limits of upgrading wheels for a 2002 corolla ascent (zze122). I did a search and found that the earlier models like mine came with 14x5.5 wheels and the 2003 and laters came with 15x6.5 (i think).

In WA, going by http://www.dpi.wa.gov.au/licensing/1884.asp we can only go wider by 1". I don't know if the 2" maximum diameter increase applies in WA?

I've checked my placard in the glove box, but for some reason it specifies the wheel dimensions for both 14 and 15" wheels and doesn't specify what the car came with.

So my question is, can i legally get away with 17x7 wheels? and why not?

What would insurance co's go by?

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Myself and Leroy have explored this using the NCOP for light vehcile construction and modification which is the legislation used in our area...

We found that the rules work in your favour. Example, the lowest load rating on your tyre placard can be used, regardless of which wheel your car was fitted with. So if you have the tyre placard with both 14" and 15" recommendations you can legally run 84 load rating (which is the 14" load rating). In terms of width, if I remember correctly, our max width was something ridiculous like 235 so we were well within that. As for increases in wheel diameter, it wasn't even mentioned...

Reading your link, sounds like you have different rules, as it says the 1" width rule and also that standard diameter must be retained.

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Thanks for the input Tayles. Gives me more motivation to go through with 17x7. Ill need to try sort out the "same diameter" rule though.

If rim normal is 5.5 wide or 6 or 6.5 inch wide then in most states of australia you can legally go 1 inch wider.. no more .so 17x7 is fine ... 17x8 is too big . but alot of tyre shops don't follow the rules ... just wait till cop stops you ...

18x7.5 if your rolla states 15x6.5jj on rim size.. I thought all zze122 had 15x6jj . echo's have 14x5.5, sportivo 16x6.5

get tyres to match so your speedo is not thrown out too much

check this link ... very helpfull

Tyre Calculator

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