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Newbie project starting


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Hi all,

I am just about to embark on the car pc journey, and am very excited. It is going to be a slow "when time permits" project so we'll see how it goes.

I have a few questions to pick your brains. I have tried searching and googling but nothing seemed to jump out. May be I was just trying the wrong phrases

NEway, here goes...

1. Is it possible to use an in dash dvd player to act as an external drive for the pc? Anyone done something like this?? WHat I'm planning is to install teh pc in the boot and just using the dvd drive via a long usb cable, is this feasible?

2. Is it best to connect the pc to the amp or to go through the head unit via aux inputs. I wanted to go with the second option as i'd like to control the volume etc through the headunit and it makes things easier as that is already all hooked up to the amp, sub etc. it would also save me the trouble of having 2 x inputs etc for teh amp.

3. ANyone using Centrafuse? I've tried the demo version and am pretty happy with it. But it would be good to get some input from others that are using it day to day. Also, does teh gps in there have voice guided functions and voice commands? I can't use the demo version gps function as it have germany and us maps.

I'd really appreciate your input here guys. This is the first time i'm daring something like this. Any tips or advice or constructive criticism also very welcome


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ok, here's an update. I dont think i made myself too clear now that i've gone back and read it

for the first question, i know that there are systems available with teh usb function, my isuue is that I don't want something that expensive. is there any way to use modify dvd head units to perform teh same tasks.

hope this makes sense

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