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Hilux canopy ?


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I am getting a Hilux dual cab 2007 petrol as a new work car. I want a canopy on the back but I have to pay for it which is fair enough. What I want to know is what is the best brand to get and value for money ? I basically just want it so I can carry my waeco fridge around and load the back up for camping. Colour is white.

So price and recommended brands please.

Thanks for any help ! I live in Central QLD, Gladstone.

(first post here too )

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Here is a link to prolly the best canopy makers in Australia.

TJM http://www.tjm.com.au/Default.aspx?tabid=67

Flexiglass http://www.flexiglass.com.au/canopies-listing2-149.html

Hope this helps. For pricing contact them via email or phone.

Cheers SB

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Check out 'Carryboy' canopies available from Autobahn, very good quality, lifetime warranty and they look real smart too!

They are almost twice as dear as TJM or Flexiglass ! I will go for the Flexiglass as there is a local dealer here.

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Pity, the Carryboy canopies despite there price, really are worth the money.

My best friend got one on his '98 Hilux in 2004, he's done Cape York twice the Flinders on four seperate trips and central Australia. it has'nt even let dust in all that time. great quality with those units and they look the goods as well.

Personally i don't like the TJM/ARB canopies as they are too blooming tall.

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Hi Rumy and all other canopy buyers,

I recently had an extremely bad experience with Carryboy Canopies. I bought a brand new Carryboy canopy for my Hilux from a dealer that the Carryboy Canopies head office in Victoria directed me to.

When I bought the canopy, I was told that the canopy had a “lifetime warranty on paint”, a “lifetime structural warranty on the fibreglass canopy shell”. I was also handed a warranty card from Carryboy Canopies that confirmed both of these statements and also said that “any component found by Carryboy Australia Pty. Ltd. Or its authorised agents to be defective, the said defective part(s) will be replaced without charge for parts of labour.”

Recently, I started to notice that the paint had been coming off in large patches in many places and that the roof rails had started to bubble and peel in places (I have many photos if you guys are interested). When I contacted Carryboy Canopies Australia with my problem and the warranty claim, they rejected my warranty claim and refused to help me with my problem.

I just wanted to write this post to let you guys know about the problems I have had with Carryboy Canopies and their service. I strongly believe that Carryboy Canopies are not worth the money and that nobody should purchase their canopies.


Goodluck finding a canopy.

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Carryboy Canopies are the best canopy ever, i have had one on my past hilux and now im updating and i will definately be getting the Carryboy hands down! These people who bag them should be shot, what they say about Carryboy is not ture as i have delt with them and they have the best of the best! They are no 1 Canopy and i will stick by them! FOr all you Toyota HIlux folks who are in search of a Canopy, Carryboy is the best way to go. i recommend them to every who as they look fabulous!

As for price YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!!! and it adds value to the car and better re-sell price...all the other Canopies out there they are good cubby houses...(personal opinion)

www.carryboy.com.au check out their new site and you will be suprised!


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All the canopies mentioned by members are ok, but none of them can even start to compete with the SMM stamped steel canopy, the SMM steel canopy is the world's only canopy made the same way as the vehicle body, and the paint quality is on par with the vehicle, thess canopies retails for more or less the same price as other top brands, but are far better quality than any other brand, contact me should you need more info

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