Avalon 2004 Radio Removal ?

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I have just brought an upgraded radio for my Avalon so I can use mp3's and connect my ipod or iphone to the unit but I am puzzeled as to how to remove the facia to get to the radio an help will be great thanks.

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no worries guys ust got told how to remove the facia without damage there are no screws the whole thing is just clipped in and you start from the steering colum and move your way around slowly using a flat head screw driver with a hanky or cloth on the tip of the screw driver and out it comes. The with the radio there are 4 screws and are tight as i almost stuffed one up but if you do you can use a socket to remove it good idea that is. then all you do is remove all the plugs.

Install is the reversal of removal.

I have upgraded my 2005 Toyota Avalon Radio from a Toyota Kluger 2008 model still all the same but minus the tape deck and bounes MP3 player and ipod/iphone jack.


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