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1996 Toyota Vienta Sports


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Wtf's a Vienta Sports? That like the Touring series?

If you can get custom made extractors for the 3VZ (maybe around the 1k mark made and fitted) with possibly 2.25 or 2.5 inch exhaust all the way through... possible High flow cat, decent twin tip exhaust which can hold back pressure good... that'd definitely help.

Next... Port and Polish. Prob set back 700 bucks or so, maybe more... best bang for your buck. Possible 20kw boost if done properly, maybe more power.

If you can... source a TRD Supercharger that were used on the 1MZ engines. They're able to be fitted to the 3VZs with a little modifications here and there. I'm not sure to the extent on what needs to be changed exactly, but it has been done before. You'd be looking around an extra 50kw gain?? Can't confirm that.

The cheapest performance enhancer... TLC. If you run her on a few good tanks of Premium 98 Oct, with some injector cleaner... tyre pressures looked after, some decent oil... replace fuel filter... you'll notice a slight difference. You might wanna disconnect the battery to reset your ECU and drive around like a maniac for the ECU to re-learn your driving style and stuff too.

There's a few mods you can do to the AFM, as this controls your Air & Fuel Mix (lol). The 3VZs really do open up at around 4k RPM, which the AFM controls, and there's a little device in the AFM that you can change somehow that'll make the AFM seem that it's always going to give you that extra bit of power.

If need any further info, PM me (not always on this forum, normally on Auscam) or reply... see what I can help out with.


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