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aurion unichip

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As it currently stands, there is no aftermarket ECU modification or piggy-back ECU that has been tested for the 2GR-FE. As well, Unichip currently do not offer a solution for the Aurion. There are many other things you can do to the car first to gain more power before an aftermarket ECU would be of any use.

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only thing close would be a camcon ie: vtec controller

Even still, I don't imagine any major gains to be made by messing around with the VVT-i on the already highly tuned 2GR. Now if it was VVTi-L that you were adjusting... then there would be some advantage.

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i beg to differ DJKOR.

the cam timing is cruicial to where the car makes its power/torque.

before we fooled with the Lift cam in mine, we made more power from the small cam than we thought possible.. so the lift point was actually moving up the rev range.

def many advantages to tuning the VVTI.

make sure you have the appropriate Ignition and Fuel timing gear as well to mate it up.

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i now first we have to put a little things

but my friend he add a system intake & exhaust k&n

when he try with my car there soo defrent i so hem follow my b... 70 meters

my car ( stock )

and the same with an other one

when i ask some one now alot about that he told me ..... the computer or "translator" doesn't now what this new effect then it doesn't work as the stock aurion

it's the same with caprice .. lumina .. corvette and alot of cars

so that what i ask about it

because what ever you add you must first add the unichip

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Of course there is some potential to gain some power by not only performing modifications to the engine, but changing or adjusting the ECU to match these mods. Like said though, Unichip does not have a solution that is compatible with the Aurion yet. It's also wise to perform your modifications first (eg. exhaust and intake) before you go ahead and work on the ECU so that you tune it once everything else is completed, then you won't be going backwards and forwards.

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i agree that there is not much to juice from an NA car with any amount of mods ie: <10% gain

but disagree that toyota has juiced the max out of the engine - they would be tuning for fuel economy and ultra reliability so the engines dont ever break.

what sort of gains do the rollas with camcons or aftermarket ecus get?

the thing that complicates an aftermarket solution is the vvvvvvvvvti

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