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Which one should I go for?


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Just trying to decide between tyres. I'm thinking either Bridgestone, Goodrich or Michelin (other suggestion welcome)  My budget is around $220 per tyre. I searched forums nut couldn't find thread that would compare these tyres. Any help is appreciated.   

Looking for 215/50R17 or 225/50R17

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please make your next post a reason as to why i shouldnt close this thread now.

did you use the search function?

there are about a gazillion threads on which tyres are best... and the ultimate answer is.... by the best tyres with the money you have.

as the answer is different for everyone, so is the selection of tyres available!

do some research first before asking

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Yes you are right. I was in rush last night. Now when I looked at the forums there is heaps of info. Please feel free to delete this thread.

@ Blind Kid Seeks

Thanks for the suggestion. I'll check them out.

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