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looking buy use camry


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i was look on the net there a camry 1998 conquest v6, done 133.000km. for $6.500. i came to inspected the car. it seem still very good condition. i ask the seller, well in the end the seller agree to me. sell for $ 5.800. are the car good bargain or not ? or lower than that. i got a days to reply to the seller. so should i go for it ?


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might look ok on the outside, but you should get someone to inspect it mechanically/structurally. there's not much you can tell by pictures

x2 RACQ? or whatever it is in your state to do full inspection report

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Yeah... that's about an average price for a car like that.

Would also be using a mobile mechanic to double check the car for you though :)

Looks like good value considering the mileage if there are no major issues. Being a Toyota, it likely to be ok unless the car have been severely abused and it is not difficult to spot the abuses.

-Look at the wheel rim or wheel cover-is it badly scratched.

-Look at the bumpers -are there dents or scrappings.

-Check the engine/gearbox oil - is there alot of sludge.

-Check the condition of the engine bay & battery-it is dirty or greasy.

-Check the airfilter- it is full of dust/soot.

-With the engine off, stick your index finder thru the wheel cover/rim and feel the shiny brake disk. If it feels grainy, the disc needs replacement.

-Check the seats, floor carpet, dashboard, side plastic moldings, arm rest and upholstery for signs of poor upkeep or improper usage.

-Push front and rear bumpers of the car and on each occasion let go and check the response of the suspension. If the car goes bobbing up and down, the struts are gone. If the body rises steadily after each release, the struts are ok.

-Fire up the engine. If you can't start at 1st crank, battery could be weak or starter could be bad. Also check the engine idle speed-should be steady between 750-900. If inconsistent, injector/airfilter could be bad. Rev up the engine and check exhaust. Blue smoke means piston rings are gone, black smoke means spark plugs are bad or throttle house is choked.

-Take the car for a spin and make several 360 deg turns at 20kph and check for rattle-sign of broken drive shaft.

-Speed up and make emergency stop and check for rattle and squeeks-sign of worn out brake pads or problems with the ABS.

-Check the tyres for uneven wear.

-Lastly, if everything is fine, find out who is the user-if it is a lady, chances are it's well kept.

I'm not saying this is fool proof but if you can't spot any defects, neither can a mobile mechanic find any. Hope this helps.

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