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Smash repair for yaris front bumper cover

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I hit another car with my front bumper last week. I bought my car to several smash repairer for the cheapest price to fix my bumper.

There are three options for me:

1. fix and repaint the bumper

2. put on a refurbished bumper

3. put on a new genuine toyota bumper

At last, I chose to go for Rigoli Smash repair located in Campsie, NSW

It was because they had the cheapest price. They qutoed that they can put on a new genuine bumper for me for $500 or repair the damaged bumper for $475. I went for the new bumper because it did not have much difference.

After taking off the front bumper, they found the front bumper reinforcement was damaged as well. They charged me another $400 for a new bumper reinforcement. They took photos for the reinforcements but not the bumper covers.

I took my car back today after they fixed all the damages. The car looked all good when i took my car. But I arrived my home, the small lid (black arrow) from the right hand side of the bumper falls out. It was found that the plastic was bent inwards, so that it is loosen and falls out. I also found that the toyota logo, the cover for the fog light spot and those plastic in black were from my damaged bumper as I found excess wax on them. (Purple arrow)

I am wondering if they gave me a refurbished bumper or just fixing my damaged bumper.

What could I do? Is reporting to ACCC the only way that i could do?





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The badge, foglight covers and tow hook cover are all items that are separate (ie. dont come with) the bumper. As they were not damaged (except for the tow hook cover), they did not need to be replaced.

I don't think the repairer has done the dodgy, I would simply request for the tow hook cover to be replaced as it is broken... It is only about $9 from memory, so it should not be an issue.

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