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'92 Estima CX front disc brake caliper


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G'day all, we have a 1992 Estima CX. Its 2.2TDI and generally pretty happy and trouble free.

Well it had some braking issues so I bought new rear drums and shoes and front discs and pads, and changed the rears without a problem

When I was changing the fronts though, trouble struck :'(

The front right was no problem but while undoing the front left slide bolt it snapped off :o It was not my fault, I am a TQ mechanic with over 25 years experience. The bolt looks like it was previously overtensioned because it was stretched and had a small rust line in it.

Anyway, using my vast experience with removing broken bolts, I set about drilling it out of the calliper slide, and then using an easy out on it.

That didnt work.

So into the oven for 90 minutes at 280c, removed from oven and sprayed with inox, still wont budge.

I suspect that the bolt must have been installed with loctite and a rattle gun, plus rusted in over the years since it was last removed :o

Ok, now to the next point, Im now going to try to use a M10-1.25 tap and re-thread the hole, but I am concerned that if I dont get it lined up perfectly it will damage the thread and would thus be unsafe to use, so my next question is: Does anyone know of any Aussie model toyotas that use the same brake slide brackets??

Would the Aussie Tarago from 92-93 be the same?? I cant find any parts diagrams for the tarago but have found one for the estima.

The bolt is part# 47707A in the diagram below and the slide bracket is part# 47708


90119‑10385 CXR1*, 2*, TCR1*, 2*2 $1.37


47708‑28110 CXR1*, 2*, TCR1*, 2*..D, F, G, GLUX, X, XLUX1 $134.90



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