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Key coding for '08 Kluger

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Hi guys,

I need to get my newly cut spare key coded (just the key not the remote fob) for my 2008 Kluger and was wondering whether anyone has tried the DIY instructions on the net to do this (see below) , Toyota want about $40 to do this but if this is all they do I may as well do it myself.

  • 1 First you will need to purchase a blank Toyota transponder key. You can do this from the dealership, a locksmith, or an online source such as eBay. Once you have the key, take the blank key and the master key to a locksmith that he or she can duplicate the key. This will be much cheaper than the dealership.
  • 2 Now that you have the newly cut key and the master key, you can program the Toyota transponder key. Sit in the driver's side of the Toyota vehicle. Press and release the brake and gas pedal simultaneously.
  • 3 Insert the master transponder key. Do not turn it. Push and release the gas pedal 5 times within at least 15 seconds of inserting the master key.
  • 4 Press and release the brake pedal 6 times within 20 seconds of completing step 3, then remove the master transponder key.
  • 5 Insert the newly cut transponder key into the ignition, but do not turn. Press the gas pedal once.
  • 6 Wait up to 2 minutes or whenever the security light on the dashboard turns off. Once the light goes off, remove the new transponder key and press the brake pedal once. The new transponder key should now be programmed. Test the key by attempting to start the engine. If the engine does not start, repeat the steps above.


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Hi Bridey666,

just wonder if you have any success on those steps posted.

I've lost one of my black key for 2009 kluger, now looking for a replacement.

So far the blank keys I found from ebay they are all quoted 'cannot self program' or 'requiring dealer program'.

Very confusing if I can ever get the key programed myself.


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Hi mr2, I still have one black master key and one Valet key (grey).

ebay seller like this one, specified 2008-up Highlander cannot be self programed.


In fact, I got replies from couple of ebay sellers saying they cannot confirm if the key will even work :(

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I'm like 99% sure that the ebay seller is wrong.. but it has been a while since I have done a Kluger.

Give this a try, it is for an older model but sometimes Toyota keep things the same..

Get your Black master key, sit in the car with all doors closed and the key out of the ignition.

Look for the security light on the dash, it should be blinking, this will tell you if the car has gone in to programming mode or not.

1. Insert master key into the ignition - the security light will go out

2. Remove and insert the key 4 times ( finish with key in the ignition)

3. Open and close the drivers door 6 times ( The security light should now be on solid, you don't need to go further than this till you get your new key)

4. Remove the master key

5. insert the new key

6. after 60 seconds the security light will go out ( this means the key is coded in now, if it doesn't go out it is the wrong chip.)

7. open the drivers door or turn the key to close programming.

Re the ebay seller. All they are doing is reselling the cheap Chinese keys, they won't know anything about coding in the keys or what the correct chip is for your car.

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Hi mr2,

tried step 1 to 3 last night but the security light was not on solid. It was off.

Here's what happened:

After Step 1 the security light went off.

During step 2, security light blink if the key is removed. The light went off when the key is inserted.

After step 3, security light remain off. (key in ignition)

Any idea?

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I don't have the new key yet. but I have attempted the pedal method steps just to see what would happen.

I've tried step 2 to 4 in the first post. At the end of step 4, the security light blink after removing the master key.

I'm assuming that means the system is armed, like normal when key is taken out of ignition. Therefore, the steps were not sucessful.

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Those are the only 2 methods I have listed for you car sorry.

It could be a couple of things. Your car might have a key buzzer on the ignition ( the annoying thing that buzzes when your key is in the ignition and your door is open) if this has been disconnected it will need to be reconnected.

Also timing is important. I have had some cars where I have to slowly do each step and others a little bit quicker.. when they don't work properly then I do it diagnostically.

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When I do the key method I take the key all the way out and within a second the light should start flashing, then put it back in.. You have around 10 seconds for each step.

With the peddle method I push and hold all the way down for a second and then release.

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