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2000 ACR30 Tarago or Estima Towbar Mount Brackets


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Would it be possible if anyone has this style of towbar fitted on there 2000+ model Tarago/Estima to take some photos of the left and right hand mounting brackets and upload them here.

I have a towbar (minus brackets) and would like to see what the brackets look like to purchase or get made up by the local welding shop.

I believe the brackets get fitted in place of the tow ring on the left hand side but am not sure what happens on the right hand side due to the exhaust muffler location.

If you have one of these types of bars fitted - could you please share some pictures ?




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These tow bars are usually bolted onto the chassis rails, therefore it will not effect your exhaust muffler. That tow hook in your image will need to be removed in order to install the tow bar.

Your local tow bar suppliers should be able to supply the mounting brackets as these tow bars are common.

Good luck.

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I have been to a couple of local suppliers and all they want to do is sell me a complete towbar assembly.

I did notice that the only locating bolt holes on the LH side were where the existing tow hook is.

A similiar set of mounting bolt holes are on the RH chassis member but are mounted approximately 170mm further forward.

It would be appreciated if a member could post some photos.


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Check with GLAM IMPORTS he has tow bars made in Melbourne

He showed me the photo with the tow bar fitted to a Tarago Estima with the Aero's kit fitted ,no cutting through the rear panel fitted like a glove underneath,

check him out nice guy to deal with.

Glam Imports 21 Truck City Drive Campbellfield Vic 3601

038508657 www.glamgroups.com.au



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Hi Eagle

Thanks for the info.

I had not been in a rush on this but I ended up designing brackets in CAD and sending the profiles off to the steel place that cuts the shapes with high-pressure waterjet cutters.

They should be ready by the end of the week.

After that I will have a local engineering workshop do the welding of the brackets in the next few weeks.

This way I know the brackets and support arms will clear the bodykit on our Estima.


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