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Save our Toyota FJ60 Research Vehicle

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Hey guys, i am a member of this research group, and they have made a page to raise finds to rebuild their FJ60 landcruiser. The group does great work for the community, and they are pioneering environmental conservation here in Australia. It would be great if you would be able to like their page, and if you can help them outin any way. They are after donations either in the for of money, or if you are local to Perth, anybody in the automotive industry willing to donate their time, or anybody wrecking a FJ60, so it can be used as a donor vehicle

Below is this link.


Here is an abstract from their page.

"We bought our FJ60 new in 1983 to be used for our research work, it is now 30 years and 700, 000kms + on and she has performed admirably. She has taken us around Australia more times then i care to remember, up the steepest, rockiest mountains and through the muddies wholes; and is still stock. It is safe to say that she is the backbone to our whole group and our conservation efforts.

Over recent years she has started to show her age, with the odd problem, but with good preventative maintenance we have been able to keep her healthy and going strong. However, maintenance can only go so far, and we are only putting off the inevitable. We have been told by several people that it is time to upgrade, that we have had a good run with her and it is time to move on... but we could never do that. We do agree however that something needs to be done.

So, what we would like to do is a full ground up rebuild, giving her a new lease of life, and hopefully another 30 years of faithful service. There is just one problem, as a not for profit organisation, we just don't have the funds needed for such a restoration. Our only option is to turn to the public and see if we can rely on their generosity to make the project a success."

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We have been having some great feedback on our Facebook page. We have had some people making great suggestion and also some great question. The main asked have been where can i make a donation, what parts do you require and what are you plans for the rebuild. Although we are totally sure where we are heading, at this stage, here is what we do know.

"Kieran Brocx will be taking charge in the endeavour. Any donations can be made to the PayPal : k.brocx@iinet.net.au . Any and all donations will be greatly appreciated and acknowledged. We are not only looking for monetary donations, but also donations of time, repairs and parts. Ideally, we hope to do a full body off rebuild, this includes everything being stripped down and either rebuilt or replaced. The major modifications that we hope to achieve are replacing the chassis with one from an 80 series Land Cruiser and possibly a diesel engine to replace the 3F currently in it. At this stage, we are are not 100% sure of what we need.

As we learn more in this regard, we will be sure to keep you updated. If you believe you have something to offer us to assist us in our efforts, please feel free to message us.

We thank you all for the positive feedback and we'll get back to you soon. Dont forget to share

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Also, for those that dont have Facebook, here is some information about our group.


Registered No: A1007876D

12 Monger Street, Perth

The Wetlands Research Association is a non-profit executive committee chaired by Barrister and Solicitor Toby Nisbet, comprising of professional scientists in government and non government organisations with expertise in wetland ecology, hydrology, soils, and Geoheritage.
What do we do?

WRA works and liaises with government agencies and community groups involved in Policy development and the management and conservation of wetlands and, and sites of geological heritage.

Our Mission:

The Wetlands Research Association (WRA), accords with the Agenda of Science for Environment and Development into the 21st Century (ASCEND 21)," that it is the responsibility of science to provide independent explanations of its findings to individuals, organizations and governments", and more specifically, recommendations 34-43 relating to Research and Monitoring of the Earth System.

Recommendation 36 states:

There is a need for research directed towards improved understanding at the local and regional scales, of the hydrologic cycle, including its interaction with soil and vegetation, and its response to changing land use and pollution, environmental degradation, and rising industrial, agricultural and domestic demands…..:

In keeping with the objectives of ASCEND 21, The Wetlands Research Association works with community groups to establish sustainable Natural Resource management programmes and developing long term environmental monitoring programs to promote both the use of sound scientific data in the environmental evaluation of management and development proposals.

Recent WRA Publications:

Semeniuk C A 2007 The Becher Wetlands - A Ramsar Site: Evolution of Wetland Habitats and Vegetation Associations on a Holocene Coastal Plain, South-Western Australia.

Brocx M 2008 Geoheritage; from global perspectives to local principles for conservation and planning. Western Australia Museum, Perth, Western Australia

Semeniuk V, Semeniuk C A, Tauss C, Uno J, Brocx M 2011Walpole and Nornalup Inlet: Landforms, Stratigraphy, Evolution, Hydrology, Water Quality, Biota, and Geoheritage. Western Australia Museum

Wetland Groups and Community Groups which have been assisted by WRA with pro bono presentations and reports based on self-funded Research since 2001 include:
• Port Kennedy LCDC
• Wetlands Conservation Society,
• Lake Mealup Preservation Society,
• Derby Residents Action Group,
• Friends of Yellagonga Regional Park,
• Corio Swamp Preservation Group,
• Walpole and Nornalup Inlet System Advisory Committee ,
• Peel Preservation Group,
• Friends of Brixton Street Wetlands,
• Friends of Koondoola Bushland,
• Bullsbrook Action Group,
• Quinns Rocks Environmental Group,
• Conservation Council of WA,
• Friends of Moore River Estuary (& Guilderton Community Assoc.),
• Leschenault Inlet Catchment Council,
• Denmark Conservation Society,
• FRAYGLE (Friends of Yalgorup National Park),
• South Coast Environment Group and the South Coast Wetland Group.

Here are also some of our submissions to the Departments of Environment and Convervation.




If you still have anymore question, please do ask them and i will do my best to answer them.

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