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Throttle / Acceleration LagH


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Hi, I'm new to the club and am just wondering if anyone can help me out. I have a 7th Gen Celica and have had issues with acceleration hesitation since I bought it. The lag/hesitation usually occurs when I put my foot on the gas from idle and the engine pauses before the revs increase. It is extremely annoying and somewhat dangerous when trying to enter round-a-bouts etc... Has anyone experienced this with their Celica and is there a solution to the problem?

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People need a bit more information.

How many k's has your car done?

It is most likely something simple. Celicas are solid cars.

Have you checked your air filter or replaced it with a high flow one?

Have you looked under the bonnet to see if there is slack in your throttle cable? Put in new spark plugs?

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Have you put injector cleaner into your fuel?

Oiled your throttle pedal and checked your cable is running freely?

These are all basics you can do yourself before you go to a mechanic

I think fuel pumps (in tank) can go anytime from 200k on and I would replace the fuel filter before this

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Check your throttle cable, also do you have cruise control? if so it might be wise to open that up and see if its restricting your movement

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Thanks for all the advice. I had already taken up the slack in the throttle cable and and cruise control months ago and that fixed a little bit of the lag.

Anyway, I took the car to the mechanic and you guys were mostly spot on. They replaced the spark plugs, the fuel filter and cleaned the throttle body. It must have been the problem because the car is now running like a dream. I just wish I hadn't waited so long to get it looked at.


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