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04 Estima cruise control speed limited?


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Hi All

Just purchased an estima 2004 g edition ACR40. It has factory cruise control but after giving it a run down south from Sydney I hit the 110km freeway and found the cruise control won't go over about 105km/h. I read on the Singapore estima group that there is a min speed of 40km/h and a max of 110km/h.

Any Estima owners have the factory cruise that has same issue or is it something wrong with mine? Hoping it can be adjusted...



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The Japan cruise control is limited to 107km/h by the looks. I found a soarer forum that provides an override by soldering two pins in the cruise control unit.... still digging for something that will work for estima.

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Any chance someone with factory cruise can post a few pictures of where the actuator plugs in under the bonnet and if you've delved far enough in , where the control module is located and the plug/wire colours that go into it.

Mine came with no cruise and I wanted to try and fit a system from an Avalon (have an entire donor vehicle). Mainly curious as to whether mine has any relevant wiring installed in the harness already.

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If nobody gets back to you by the weekend I can probably get some pics for you. I think the main unit is buried up under the drivers side dash. Not sure about actuators... You might need to give me some idea of what Im looking for.

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Mate, that would be awesome if you could. The actuator is the unit under the bonnet that pulls the cables. It's usually got a 4wire plug. I have a rogue 4 wire plug on the passenger side of the engine bay right up near the strut tower and wondering if that might be it. There seems to be another plug inside the cabin, passenger side behind the glovebox where the ECU is. Wire colours looked similar so thinking they may be linked.

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has anyone changed the silver cruise control computer under dash on Estima mcr30 2005 with a Tarago module to see if speed limit is removed,

I have been researching it today and the camry 2002-2006 has the same module, except local wreckers did not have a xcv36 so i could change it and see if the limit was removed.

Thanks in advance..

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