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Ignition Issue_Camry SXV20R_5S-FE


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Hoping someone can assist me.

Model:Camry SXV20R

Engine: 5S-FE (4 cyl)

Prod.Date 12/00

Current KMS: 59,000

Issue: Number 2 cylinder is not firing.

Diagnostic procedure:

Timing light on all HT leads indicated No 2 not firing.

Checked spark plugs, cleaned a swapped No2 plug with other.

Result: Failed (No2 no spark)

Checked HT leads, all resistance within specifications.

Changed No 2 lead.

Result: Failed (No2 no spark)

Changed ignition coil.Swapped (#1) 1/4 and (#2) 2/3 since they are both the same.

If ignition coil was faulty, when swapped over, should have No4 cyl not firing.

Result: Failed (No2 no spark)

Now I presume that I've eliminated any problem between spark plug and ignition coil. So where to now.

Can I test the coil plug (4 terminals) for continuity or voltage.

Any help from the forum would be most welcomed.



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Thanks Trentmeyer

To assist me, where is the ECU located and which terminals are involved ? I presume that at the coil end there is a Neg(-) terminal and a terminal where the coil get it ignition pulse from the ECU , paired for each cylinder.

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The coil plug has power. Terminal #1 (Grnd) #2 (Ignition) #3 (Ignition Feedback) #4 (Positive+)

Next is locate the corresponding terminals IG and IGF on ECU for continuity.

Trent, a quick check on the net says the ECU located behind glove box.Hoping wire colours correspond.

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Yes, the ECU is behind the glovebox, I don't have and SXV20 wiring diagram, so can not help with ECU pin outs, wire colours are generally the same. When you do a continuity test from the coil to the ECU, there should be at least one corresponding wire that will buzz.

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