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Location of Reversing Camera


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Hi can anyone tell me where the reversing camera is mounted by Toyota.If you have photos that would be great. I have the build 2, 2013 model.. I am going to change the head unit and want to install the reversing camera as well .I want to make sure I don't drill holes in the wrong place..

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Hi Rod...

as you can see in the photo i got off car sales the camera mounts on the left hand side when looking at the rear it is just off to the left... to make things easier for yourself you can remove the chrome trim buy taking the rear plastic off then removing the bolts and giving it a slight pull... this will also make it easier for when you need to run wires...


need anymore help please don't hesitate to ask

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Oh Woww this brings back memories ;) sadly having a reversing Camera has it's high's & Low's. when i first drove my Halo i decided to take it out to the beaches with a few friends had returned to the Car & saw that my Reversing Camera was pushed upwards & i didn't realise this until the very next day when i had to reverse out of the garage. if only they were mounted securely. now i am in the habit of Checking my Camera most of the time when i can remember ;) Yep that's where mine is Located. ;)

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No worries.... How did you go with running the cables into the hatch? A friend in the states struggled with his in keeping it neat.... Anyway congrats on the instal...

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I run it through the original rubber harness. I sprayed the tube with silicone spray to get the wire to slide easier and it went in no problems. then I fed the cable into the hatch with a coat hanger that took a bit of wriggling but finally got it through. .I fitted the camera in the same place the original one is fitted.

Very neat indeed even if I say so myself.

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