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Greetings from Newcastle

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This is my 1997 Levin BZ-R. I bought it a few months ago as a less expensive alternative to my old R33 Skyline.

I was searching for a car that was unique. But not as expensive to run as something turbocharged. Then I remembered around 7 years ago. A friend of mine bought one of these for a ridiculous price, at the time I didn't know what it was. But oh how I wanted one. Unrest drove one and hated it. It had been far too low for far too long and was flogged out. Then I found this one I was attracted to two things at first. The colour and the sunroof. God I love sunroofs. After 3 days of negotiating with the owner. I sold my skyline and drove to Sydney the next day, I handed over the cash as soon as i saw her and drove home.

I havent done too much to it beside putting on, and then removing a set of trumpets as I like to hear things that ARENT my intake when I drive.

Has all the fun bits. 6 Speed manual, super strut suspension. Hopefully exhaust and coilovers soon. Although coilovers are a ***** for superstrut because it either means paying 2k or cutting and welding suspension parts.

Either way. Best car I have ever owned.




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