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Turbo conversion


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A CT20A will do-it's the one from the 2.4, but there quite a few to choose from. You will need a 2LII -T ex. manifold -1989 on-shim valve adjustment head with cam directly over head the crank. NB CT20A has ceramic turbine-which is fragile when mishandled. Metal ones are avail. Your biggest problem will be the heat from opening up the governor flows, which means you'll have more power. The old iron head isn't going to like it, so I would keep it under 75KW and do a lot of praying when under hi loads. My 5L with a CT20A is not going to get more maximum fuel, so I expect it to stay around 72KW max when tested before re-licensing. It will be able to produce more power sooner than stock at lower rpms, whilst providing economy at cruising speed from the higher dynamic compression.

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I have a 1992 2.8d duel cab hilux with 350,000 Km on motor but it runs well and uses no oil, mods i am looking at doing is either fit a turbo or just add extractors and a larger exhaust. Also looking for a rear diff lock, e locker or air locker.

I believe the 2.4 diesel surf manifolds bolt straight up so I have been searching to either buy a complete surf or just the bits as I may at a later stage fit the surf rear coil setup.

What sort of performance can I expect from extractors and large exhaust compared to fitting the 2.4d surf turbo?

Just looking for a little better performance and economy as its not all that bad as it is.

Also looking for roof racks, manual free wheeling hubs to replace auto lock hubs, auto locker for the front ifs. A set of wider rims would also be good.

I am located in the Albury Wodonga area and the ute has arb front side and rear bars with warn winch and old man emu 2 inch suspension lift. cooper st max on standard rims.

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there are 2 versions of the 2L-one with and the later one without rockers. The later one [1989 on] - the 2LII is the one you need, as it's head is a port match for the 3L and 5L motors, tho' I don't know abt the valves. The earlier motors' manifolds are unique to itself and the L motor-a 2.2L version. Early motors have the cam sprocket several inches to one side of the head, rather than dead center. Early heads in Aluminium {clones} are avail from China-can't gaurantee they fit our OEM engines. Haven't seen a later motor version Al head yet, but I'm hopeful someone will do it to keep the darned things from overheating.

Saw a Datsun 260 with an LD28 turbo motor, running on free chip oil last night. Apparently they allowed to not pay fuel excise because of the high cost of govt paperwork tracking it, as the local club are only small users. Huge job setting it all up in the car. He says it performs similar to the original 2.4 petrol motor, 16sec 1/4Mile, etc. Motor uses same crankcase as 2.4, so it all fits nicely.

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