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current shape 3/4 seat in an auto

clwn town

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Hi all, i have the current shape single cab 4.0 v6 auto hilux that has 2 x seats, i am interested to see if people know of or have a 3/4 seat in theirs? I have googled and searched but can not seem to find any info on this. Can any body point me in the right direction? Thanks.

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I can point you to the ADR's, and warn you that changing seats is a safety matter, and requires formal approval from your licensing authority. Be careful, I do NOT gaurantee a state approval to be automatically nationwide. It ain't necessarily so.

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I knew it would need to be approved by an engineer and mod plated etc. I was wondering more so if it can be done space wise, im un certain as the auto shifter is set further back then the manual one so i thaught i would ask first and see if it were possible.

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