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Need help converting nissan nivara head unit to fit in my 03 corolla

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I work at nissan and recieved a free nissan nivara d40 bluetooth stereo. Ive tried already to see if it fits in my corolla however it doesnt. Just wondering if anybody knows the names of each adapter on both the corolla and nivara stereos. (Both are stock stereos)

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Hey mate, you should check out Aerpro's range of wiring harnesses, usually available from repo, super cheap auto etc. if u can find harnesses to suit, that would be the simplest way (if you wanted to avoid connecting all the wires etc). You might need to get a Toyota to ISO harness and then ISO to Nissan harness. Check out Aerpro's range on their website for one that suits that model navara. No guarantees but would be worth looking into!

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