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my new celica Ra28 1977 needs advice!


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G'day guys. Glad to be apart of this.

Over the weekend I purchased another 70's Toyota make car. This time I got a celica RA28 1977.


Now the wheels on it are terrible. On them at the moment at 15 inch's. A friend of mine told me to look for 4 X 114.3

I've had a quick Google and some people have managed to get 18 inches on theirs!

What size rims should I be looking for? Are there any nice 4 stud rims out there? What looks best? :P


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I personally dont know what size is max,

But if 18" is possible it would look awesome buy your tyres will cost you alot as well as you will lose ride comfort.

If your ever driving pass a wheel shop drop in and see what they say.

If not go to carid.com

Put some pictures up!

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did you get ur ra28 on ebay? cause i was bidding on it and someone won the auction.
if it is you can i ask you to sell the car to me? im willing to pay good money for it.
and can anyone help me out? im looking for a celica ra28 1977 as a restoration project.

im willing to pay a good amount of money for it, as long as it's fair for it's condition.
thank you, Please help

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