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G'day from n.e. Vic!


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Hi all, thought I'd introduce myself.

I'm JP, just bought a 2010 Aurion at-x the other day. It's black, all stock and has a little under 80K on the odo. Apart from some light scratches around the door handle, it's in great condition. A real tidy car.

I have never modified a car beyond steering wheel covers before, and will be keeping it pretty simple as I drive a lot for work.

Planning to put in an aftermarket multimedia head unit and speakers soon.

Amp and sub will come later when I can afford it.

New wheels will be next on the list but I'm having a hard time figuring out what I like.

I'm always happy to receive advice or constructive criticism so always feel free to share your two cents with me. I've spent the past month lurking through the threads for inspiration and to learn what I can.

If you made it this far through the post, I invite you to share with me either your favorite Aurion mod or your favorite wheels.



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Picking new wheels is HARD!

I drive a lot for my job, so I want a smooth ride with minimal road noise, so I am thinking of sticking with 16's, although my mind is as ever changing as the sea.

The hardest part is finding my fav look, can't make up my mind. At least I have plenty of time, I am working on my audio system first.

Below are a few that I like from Wolfrace GB. I am by no means set on Wolfrace, I just like these particular ones and can't be bothered searching for and attaching all the wheels I like



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Hey tomdelaney, I appreciate your input, but for me I think you are starting to get into some expensive territory. I have called around and the price difference for the same/similar tyres betweet 16" and 19" is pretty hefty, and as I drive a lot for work, I will be burning through a set of tyres every year at least. I'm also not keen on spending a bunch on coilovers etc.

As much as I like having a better footprint on the road with the lower profile tyres, I think I'd rather keep more rubber on the wheels to absorb bumps.

I'm happy to go up to 17s but the issue is more of trying to decide what rims I like the look of most.

Had a look through a few brands, Wolfrace GB seems to be my favourite so far. I like the black turbine design, but I like the other designs I posted as well, the hunt continues....

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I think I would cry at $300 per tyre.

I don't really know much about coilovers and whatnot. It's quite a bumpy ride as stock, particularly in the front wheels.

I'm not much of a backyard mechanic, not sure I'm up to the task of putting in coilovers, I would end up getting someone else to do it if I went that route

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Just bought a new alpine multimedia head unit and some focal 6x9s today :)

Gotta wait for the fascia kit and steering wheel control interface, but can't wait to get these babies installed!

Though the sound deadening is going to be a pain to put in

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