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k&n intake kn69-8620ttk


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Hi all, im just wondering if anyone on the forum has installed one of these intake system on their 2013, 2014 camry. Just before i install it just wanted to know if anyone had a check engine light come up or any complications. Thanks for any advice.

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Right, k&n claim they do have a gain of 5.76hp and they reckon it improves fuel economy? Must be bull**** then. Either way i got it already so im going to inatall it as soon as i have time. Kanmuri has it effected your fuel economy? Thanks for replying to me mate.

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Id say no on the fuel economy. If anthing it makes ya wanna put ya foot down a little more cuz the sound is addictive. K&Ns argument will be something to do with the engine taking in more oxygen or somethin. It may have some HP improvement but its hard to tell. That 5HP improvement is at around 5000rpms.

Either way i think youll like it, did u catch dodgy video I made in the other thread to show the before and after sound? Hehe.

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Was your car still under factory warranty when you had it? Did your dealer service say anything about it? Mate did you put ngk iridium plugs in your car, i ised it in my previous camry and it made a noticable difference a bit more responsive and revs cleaner. If you havent should try it, combine that with your intake there should be a noticable difference in how the engine revs. I read this up back in days when iridium plugs were first released HOT 4s magazine did a dyno run with it and dyno read out difference with iridiums, with iridiums and rampod intake & vpower fuel.

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Youtube video was done like a pro bro, i couldnt tell the difference wether it was k&n making the video or you.

Hehe... I know right.

Yep installed under warranty... Still got like another two years on that. Nothing said by my dealership or the guys servicing it there. Really its not much of mod, its just replacing the factory air filter for another one really, so i don't think they can void anything on that.

I've heard about iridium plugs here and there but haven't looked into it at all but now you're makin me think about it... i've always run premium since getting the car.

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yeh that's what I will be doing next and rear sway bar and gradually take it from there. What rear sway bar have you got on yours? Or what other mods have you got on your car, is it an atara s mines an atara s took all the badges off and put a sx rear bar on it. I like your dark tail lights, any probs from highway boys. Over here in south western Sydney you don't know when you are going to get defected for something, especially unmarked cars can be real (I am an idiot i swear). :nono: That's form personal experience, I only have 3 points left, I guess I cant blame them for that one :P Getting back to mods, have you got coilovers on yours?

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From my knowledge, you can mod your car as much as you want and you will still be under warranty. It's only if there's a problem with your car and the part the problem associates to, happens to be aftermarket/modded, then it won't be under warranty. Also, If you install anything aftermarket and it causes problems to an OEM component, you will also void warranty; e.g if you install aftermarket suspensions and your drivedraft starts to screw up, they won't fix it under warranty

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