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96 Toyota Hilux Diesel - Engine shaking like crazy!


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My partner has a 1996 2.8L Diesel Hilux the 4door steel tray back ute, and on idle it shakes the entire car, yet when in gear or throttle it will smoothen out. It didn't always do this.

It started happening after the gearbox and clutch were replaced, and she thought it may have been the engine mounts so she got someone to replace them.

What could be the cause of this? I feel it may be a timing issue, or that the gearbox wasn't fitted properly. When the car is in idle and I stand next to the engine it shakes and when I play with the throttle cable it smooths out. Any and all advice is welcomed please.

Also, does anyone have access to an engine diagram or an engine manual for this car? I contacted my local super cheap and repco and they don't have anything.

I've uploaded a picture of the engine if it'll give you any information about the case.


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does it only happen with motor cold? what is your idle speed? Does it start easily, hot and cold? does your fuel primer pump [on fuel filter] pump to hard and stay there for several minutes with the motor off, or doesn't it ever get there?

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I forgot I posted this, we solved it. It was the throttle control, the cable was losey goosey and we tightened it up, so the idle would sit around 700rpm which it was sitting around 450-500.

Motor can be any temp, just has to be on.

Yeah starts easily, good glow plugs etc

Fuel primer pumps.

Ute will need an injector clean or so, but she's a lot better than before... One of the neighbors saw me tinkering with it and he came over and was like "Ya idle is too low!" and fixed it straight away, and well, he scored an easy carton!

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