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Damaged NEW vehicle

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I purchased a NEW 2008 Corolla Auto Hatch. After five years the paint on the roof started lifting. Toyota refused warranty due to time lapse. Took back to dealer who checked history of vehicle and said it had "transit damage" and repaired the roof at no cost to me.

I then had suspicions about the vehicle as I have had a musty smell for years that has become worse with time. Checked all the obvious places, spare tyre well, air con over flow drain front left carpet. Took back seats out and found underlay left rear area damp and musty. Dried out with hair dryer and used deodorant spray. Smell returned after a while. Finally removed lining covering the wheel arch and found water laying in the area between the tail light and wheel arch and this had obviously been flowing down into left rear floor area. Also found 10mm bolt with nut attached and a spare nut in the area. These were the same size as the bolts holding the tail light unit into the body. Dealer says this "could have been from the production line". I think not.

Are there any people out there that would support me in thinking that this NEW vehicle was "pranged" before being delivered to me.

Would appreciate any comments.


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