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New Years Eve Suprise

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Hey guys...

Parked at my gf's place early sat morning on the street at about 12:30am NYE only to find out in the morning that someone has once again reversed into my car with a towbar and drove off... this has been the 3rd time someone has done this (im onto my 3rd drivers door) and will be the 3rd time getting fixed!!! argh...


this time however, they drove into my front bumper on the drivers side so i think i just need a new bumper and front kit. would anyone be able to suggest a place where i can get a silver bumper in sydney for cheap?? i dont really want to claim again...

thanks guys

hope you all had a great new year and all the best for 2006!! :D

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man thats nasty...

its alright we got a nice christmas surprise...

christmas day our workshop where we work on our rolla's and where dad's rally car is was broken into and every single hand tool was taken, as well as jacks and a mig welder.

nice huh?

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i dont want to sound harsh, but has it crossed your mind to park some place else? or is that just not possible..

no this was out of the norm... normally i park in my garage at home... but because it was NYE i was going to stay at my gf's place... so on the one time i go there and stay over it happens.. same with the other times.. they were both once off places

anyone help on places with parts???

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