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Pinging paseo

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Hey all,

Just a quick question

Something that's been bugging me since I bought my EL44 paseo quite few years ago.

Basically it use to ping a lot

My friend suggested running 98

Even though manual says 91

98 prob gonna stuff my cat tho

A lot less pinging. But on really hot days. Still pings badly up hills.

Also for long time the plugs have been frosty white. Lean I guess.

Just wondering if anyone has this problem too. And has anything to suggest?

Even when got timing belt done awhile ago didn't help. Due to be done again soon.

I know my mums starlet does ping too on 91

Haven't checked her plugs tho.

Think they were an ok colour last time I looked.

Is it common for 4efe and 5efe engines to do this.


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Strange that it'd be pinging on 91 as 5EFEs should be perfectly fine with normal unleaded (not E10 :P). And 98 won't kill your cat at all.

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Thanks for the quick responses

What plugs u suggest I'm running Ngk

BKR5EYA ( v cut electrode ) 1.1mm gap

I've also tried Bosch platinum plugs they do same thing and go all frosty white.change them every 10 thousand Km's. yea might get someone to do the dizzy I have no idea with timing, thought the mechanic would've done that when they changed the dizzy o ring. Still leaking oil too :(

Sorry my bad they were talkin about leaded fuel in manual damaging cat.

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I put a set of cooler plugs bkr6eya plugs in. Same gap 1.1mm

Seem to feel a lot better now alot less pinging and plugs look healthier.

The hotter bkr6eya plugs the electrode would melt down after being in car for few 1000kms

Will post pics maybe sometime.

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  • 1 year later...

finally think i sorted it


after doing some research online

read pcv valves can cause this when there faulty.

so i tried changing it + the grommet

seems ok now underload - uphills on hot days or with aircon on

doesn't do it anymore, plug colour looks more healthy too

no longer frosty white with melted electrodes.


just wish they would have changed this $12 part when they replaced my main seal

when they did the clutch

or when they did timing belt when they had to replace other oil seals


all new seals gone already because of the faulty pcv sigh :/

now all have to be done again got big oil leaks

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