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Toyota Blade Dashboard Display - Japanese to English


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Hi. I've just bought a Japanese Toyota Blade and I had to translate the dashboard display. So I thought I'd share what I learned.
You change the display by selecting the Disp button at the bottom of the dashboard (it is the right button of the two). I'll go through each screen that can be selected. To move to the next screen just press and release the Disp button.
Here is the first screen showing the outside temperature. No translation required here as they use English (nice of them to do that).


Next is the real time fuel consumption graph. It shows fuel consumption as kilometres per litre (km/l). So the more the bar moves to the right the better the fuel economy (but also less fun).


This is the average fuel consumption in km/l since it was last reset. You can reset this value (so it starts to average again) by holding down the Disp button for 2 seconds.


This shows the remaining distance that can be travelled based on the remaining fuel left in the tank.


Next is the average speed of the car since last reset. You can reset this value by holding down the Disp button for 2 seconds.


Next is the driving time in hours and minutes since last reset. You can reset this value by holding down the Disp button for 2 seconds.


This screen just says setup. You can enter the setup screen by holding down the Disp button for 2 seconds.


If you held down the Disp button for 2 seconds you will now get this screen. There are 3 items to select on this screen. You can select each by pressing Disp once and the highlight will move to each option. To go into an option (and make a change) just hold down the Disp button for 2 seconds while the option is selected. The 3 options are: Time (left), Date (right), and Exit(bottom).


There is a video on YouTube on how to change the time and date, but if there is enough interest I can put some more instructions on here.

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Saw another screen today.  This one is displayed when you turn off the ignition.  It means the battery in the remote key fob is going flat. 


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And one more.  This shows the brightness of the dashboard display. When the lights are on, press the odo/trip button (left button) until you see this screen. Then hold down the odo/trip button to cycle through the 5 brightness settings. 


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And one more. I was out driving in heavy rain today and when I went to activate the Radar Cruise Control I got this display. This one means that your can't use Cruise Control when there is very bad weather. I assume the sonar is affected by heavy rain, hail, snow, etc.


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Well thank you ajr. I realize that your post was back in 2015 & I found your comments when I was doing my search on what sort of car we would get next. I have just purchased myself a 2009 Toyota Blade Master V6 with 29,277Ks certified on the clock. Has an English manual which I have not read yet as only bought the car today. I am the 2nd owner 3rd if you count the Japanese owner & the car is immaculate. Was surprised though that the tyre size is 205/60/16 & same pattern mag which is normally on the 2.4 Blade but it handles really well & goes like a cut cat lol.  Will wait to see in a few months if I should purchase the 224/45/17's as these tyres are brand new. Anyway would like to thank for all this information as it is going to help immensely for the dash readouts as the screen in the middle has been replaced by the last owner spending quite a bit of money replacing it with a NZ radio screen setup.

Once again thank you for your efforts


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Thanks very much ajr, a great help as I bought a 2007 Blade this week. Immaculate condition. I'm very happy with it. I paid online for an English download pdf manual but it was a scammer. The original screen/audio/other goodies unit is a mystery and I'm thinking of going to a sushi shop to ask for a translation favour. It has 'Menu' 'Open' and 'Close' buttons in English so I discovered the panel flips up to reveal  DVD/CD and MP3 slots. Screen Menu items are all in Japanese so at a halt. The Toyota garage amazingly said they'd replace the unit for free but I think functions would be lost with a radio/CD unit so I'd like first to understand what's available in the original. Any suggestions? 

Many thanks. 

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You can go to Google translate and select Japanese to English. Then you simply use your smartphone camera and hover over the japanese text and the translation will be shown on your screen. 

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Thank you for posting this up.  I had the key symbol come up when  I tried to turn car on few days ago and then when I stopped.  I thought it might have been the battery but you have just confirmed it for me 😀

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