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To Receive Car Now ??

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Dear all, I ordered my car just yesterday and delivery was slated for April. The Dealer said that there was a possibility of him getting me a March one. But still ..

Anyway, he rings me up today telling me that if I want, I can take delivery of a February one. Here's the thing. It's a December 2005 built.

I'm wondering if I should take the December 2005 built one so I can be driving as soon as Feb. .. but I'm worried about the resale value implications .. I heard that although it's a January order, the fact that it is built in 2005 (december or not) will decrease my resale value substantially ($500-$1000) ..

I'm really really confused; all advice will be greatly appreciated.

Warmest Regards,


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Or are you getting some free stuff with it, like tint, mats, headlight protectors, free service, extended warranty?

If you can wait better to get the 06 build, also depends on how long you are going to keep it for, if its 6 years plus its not such a big deal

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Dealerships know that end of year build date cars decrease in value quicker then a beginning of the year build. If your not getting it for a good price or with lots of goodies, bargan a bit more. They are hoping that you wont so they can get as much money as possible.

But at the end of the day $500-1000 doesn't mean much (to me) over 15-25 grand resale value (assuming a Corolla for a few years).

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Even if there's only one month difference, The December 05 is still considered to be a year older, Come re-sale time it does make a difference to the value, so if you can, wait and get the 06 built car.

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