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Does anyone know how to remove the radiator from my toyota hiace 1993? Having a lot of trouble. Have tried to utube a video but nothing.

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Realise this is an old thread but this may be useful

1. Remove drivers side seat and floor pan. plastic bag over AC. remove cap assembly (2 nuts) and all hoses including top hose to engine

2. remove reservoir top bolt and bottom bolt (bottom bolt is difficult - get under engine and look up) remove plastic fan shroud in sections by removing mounting bolts at top and bottom and joining bolts

3. remove bottom hose, draining radiator, remove power steering belt and push tension pulley out of way. Removing the main pulley creates a bit more room but not absolutely necessary.

4. remove the 10mm nuts securing the fan to fan pulley. Difficult to get to  - Hold the fan belt to create resistance

5. remove auto transmission (if applicable)  hoses (from underneath passenger side)

6. loosen radiator nuts/bolt  1x top and probably 2 x bottom depending on model

7. gently manoeuvre radiator out upwards into Cab

8. reassembly is reverse - best to change water pump and thermostat while you have the space!

Hope this helps someone.

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