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1MZFE Valve cover Studs and nuts

Steve Rush

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Hi Can any one tell me the names or better still the numbers of theses wee studs, my Camry came back from the mechanic with missing bolts and broken studs,

and unfortunately even after new plugs and new cam cover gaskets there is still an oil leak on the drivers side,? he reckons he can hear my water pump dying too?

the cars got 148000 on it and it is nearly 15 yo but I love the thing and am a bit old for a new one.

one other thing I was on this site years ago as ADVANTAGE but I haven't been able to log in lately and the forgot password thingy isn't working

COVER 1.jpg

COVER 2.jpg

COVER 3.jpg

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Ah well, I got the wee broken studs sorted out with a bit of drilling and brazing, this all started out when I decided to stop the oil leaks in this engine, well I got the rocker cover gaskets replaced, it was still leaking afterwards ( but Less) so I sent it back to the mechanic who took off the timing belt cover and couldn't find a leak in there but he changed the belt and the water pump while the cover was off, but I still have a leak although its a one drip a day thing now ($1000.00) later. something to do with the sump plate??? it's beginning to remind me of an old Triumph motorbike, who's stains would still be visible somewhere. can someone rid me of this damned Leak.

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Thanks I believe that the mechanic did a good job on the valve cover gaskets he tells me he did and nearly all of the spots on my garage floor have gone, there is just this one drip a day that's worrying me and this mechanic is telling me I am making a fuss over nothing as it's a very minor leak from the sump sandwich plate whatever that is. as I say I love this old car and I am concerned about it's roadworthy ness?? what is a sump sandwich and how do I fix it. ?

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How's your PCV valve and breather hose?  PCV not blocked causing crankcase pressure to essentially be forced out of a seal / gasket? VERY common 1MZ problem and a simple replacement (less than $25 for the revised valve and less than 10 mins work) and check of things stopped a small oil leak and greatly reduced the oil in the intake issue I was having resulting in a decent amount of blue smoke after sitting for a few hours.

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